The Yoga of Story 5-day Yoga Teacher Training in Copenhagen, Denmark June 13-17, 2016

Matsya, the Mythic Yoga: First Incarnation of Vishnu

Matsya, the First Incarnation of Vishnu. Learn Hindu myths and how to teach with them in yoga classes for healing and transformation.

Take your yoga teaching to the level of fine art.

Immerse yourself in storytelling, myth, yoga and the body in the The Yoga of Story Yoga Teacher Training with Storyteller and Yoga Teacher Sydney Solis.

Find your voice to educate, enlighten and entertain kids, teens and adults with oral storytelling and yoga.

Delve deep into the artistry and power of the spoken word, and the body to heal and

Yoga for Children Denmark

Emmamaria Vincenz of Denmark attended the Yoga of Story Training in Denver in June and was so gracious to host the next training at her LIttle Yoga House Studio in Copenhagen!

educate yourselves and others. Become a storyteller in this, comprehensive yoga teacher training and yoga therapy training to learn the original Storytime Yoga®, Sleepytime Yoga™ and Mythic Yoga™ methods that are transforming the lives of children and families world-wide.

June 13-17, 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark at Lille YogaHus  The Little Yoga House. Contact Emmamaria Vincentz  emmamaria (at) to register.


kids yoga and stories for literacy

The Yoga of Story: After hearing stories and moving their bodies with yoga to re-enact the story, kids draw pictures and then tell their favorite parts of the story to develop oral and literacy skills.

The Yoga of Story Yoga Teacher Training Costs:

Price paid in Danish Crowns by February 15. DKK  3.950,- and afterward DKK 4.400.

$570 (USD)  for registration by $625 (USD) thereafter.

Includes the books Storytime Yoga® Teaching Yoga to Children Through StoryThe Treasure in Your Heart: Stories and Yoga for Peaceful Children and the Kids Yoga DVD The Peddler’s Dream.

Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed Credit and Certificate of completion available.

Travel, lodging and meals are extra.

Full description of program here! See curriculum below. Reserve your spot today. Contact us with any questions!

Mythic Yoga with Sydney Solis Denver

Mythic Yoga for teens and adults connects you with your personal myth via the body for transformation and healing.

The Yoga of Story Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum:



  • The Power of the Spoken Word and Oral Storytelling with Yoga – Psycho-spiritual and social benefits in addition to physical benefits of asana.
  • Storytelling exercises, Symbol making
  • Mythic Yoga: Vishnu’s Dream – Yoga practice and myth contemplation – Creation – for teens and adults
kids yoga stories

Adriana el Mar Rondon Rivero of Venezuela learns to tell a story for her kids yoga classes

  • Storytelling basics, narrative structure and classes, home practice
  • Beginnings of stories – Coaching, narrative and practice
  • Dream work



  • Sharing
  • Storytime Yoga for Children method and class structure. Educating children with storytelling and yoga
  • Storytime Yoga for Children method continued
  • Middles of Stories – Coaching, narrative practice, small group work


Storytime Yoga for Kids, Mythic Yoga, Sleepytime Yoga

The Yoga of Story opens us up to the depths of our imagination within the body for unlimited knowledge, healing, joy and love.



  • Sharing
  • Mythic Yoga: Kali and Durga – Conflict in story, Symbol making
  • Sleepytime Yoga for Children method– Relaxation and meditation for kids with story. Yoga philosophy for children



  • Sharing
  • Mythic Yoga: The Birth of Krishna – Resolution and rebirth.
  • Symbol making and Body Memoirs
  • Yoga Therapy with storytelling, fairy tales and myths. ADHD, trauma, depression and suicide prevention
kids yoga stories, Sydney Solis Storytime Yoga

Kids learn oral skills via yoga and storytelling for mental, physical and emotional health and literac

  • Ending of Story – coaching and narrative exercises.
  • Putting it all together: Class creation and presentation


  • Sharing
  • Story and class presentations
  • Group myth making
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