The Story of Storytime Yoga’s Peace, for the Children Kids Yoga Dance and Story Music

Peace for the Children CD Storytime Yoga Sydney SolisThe Storytime Yoga® for Kids Music has a Story to Tell! Get your copy of folktales and original music retold by The Queen of Bohemia and her Bhava Band! Great listening, music with rhyme, rhythm and repetition to move, learn and relax to. Learn and Play the Storytime Yoga® Way! Help Kids Get Fit and Literate!

I grew up listening to bagpipers, folk singers, Marlene Dietrich and Eartha Kitt. I can still see my mother dancing to her vinyl records that she loved to play on the stereo in our 1970s Boulder, Colorado living room

I loved dance and took tap, jazz and ballet for years at the Boulder Recreation Centers, did work-study with the Nancy Spanier Dance Theatre in Boulder and majored in Theatre and Dance at CU Boulder.

I grew up listening to opera with my Dutch father, waiting for a Live at the Met showing on TV of Madame Butterfly, but also a huge dose of classical. My mother put me in free piano lessons at CU Boulder with graduating music teachers. Other than that, I never had any formal music training, as back in the 70s you had to pay for instrumental music lessons and my family couldn't afford them. I lied to my voice coach when I was 18 that I could read music, (I still can't!) and I learned how to sing.

Boys photographed in the Ambarawa 7 Japanese Concentration Camp. My father says he is the third back from center.

Boys photographed in the Ambarawa 7 Japanese Concentration Camp on Java, Dutch East Indies World War II. My father was interned at this camp for three years, starting at age 9. I grew up hearing his stories of the camp, and peace for children has been my obsession ever since.

It wasn't until years later that I had a dream when my son was born that I was marrying a heavy metal rock star. I didn't take it literally, as you should not with dreams, and I hate heavy metal music! Baffled, I finally realized that I was marrying some musical part within me.

kids yoga with stories

Relaxing kids at the Montessori School of Golden where I learned techniques of education while my kids attended.

As I raised my two kids and worked in my their Montessori classroom for years, it was then that I really connected with the simple fun, joyful and playful side of music that is so essential for raising healthy, literate and happy kids. Chants, rhymes, finger plays. Happy little songs and nursery rhymes. Storytime Yoga was born in 2003 from all of this, and I made up little songs to go with my classes. From then on, music was constantly in my head, especially mantra.

Yoga has always been spiritual for me. From day one as a child reading my father's books on yoga and religions of all cultures to my older sister Narada teaching me to chant Hare Krishna at age 12. So for the past 37 years I have been chanting Hare Krishna and other mantras in my head non - stop. Yes, I have a very busy mind, and mantra calms it, pitches me into another reality of bliss and joy.

I constantly have music in my head. Having lunch one day with my father, I discovered he always had music in his head, and my son at the table chimed in and also said he always has music going on in his head! So! Along with those mantras I started making up my own tunes, and by the time I left my hometown of Boulder, Colorado in 2010 to take my mythic journey abroad with my kids, I was composing a list of songs in my head.

My long-time friend from my Boulder childhood, Jennifer Thomas, is a vocal coach with the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, and her husband, Jaimie Krutz, is a musician and recoding technician. Over the years I travelled back to Colorado to visit family for the summer and Jaimie helped get exorcise the music out of my head with his brilliant talent for instrumentation and ability to understand my ideas and rhythms I could only hum, sing and explain to him.

The Stories Behind the Kids Yoga Story-Songs

storytime yoga for kids yoga St. Croix, USVI

The Queen of Bohemia teaching Storytime Yoga for kids in St. Croix, USVI 2012

The Golden Fish came to me the moment I landed on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The wonderful Quelbe sounds and folk rhythms of the islands hit me immediately.

The Nursery Rhyme Body Jam I worked on for many years. It started out as a chant for children's yoga classes and I added movement. I almost gave up on this song, having started it three times with Jamie. But I persisted, hung in there, BREATHED, practiced patience. And out it came, FINALLY.

A Jingo A Jango literally popped into my mind as I was fastening my daughter onto a plane back to St. Croix. I love nonsense poetry, and I loved listening to Woody Guthrie's kids' music with my own kids when they were young. All that mixed up in my head pumped out this silly song with mantra.

The Croc n' Monkey Rap I wrote originally in 2002 when I first started telling stories. I finished it in 2003 for my first storytelling album, The Golden Cucumber, Stories from Indonesia, about where my father was born. I grew up hearing his stories and hanging out at Asian food stores, where I met people who told me folktales they grew up with.

Recorded with Steve Weist and Freddy Rodriguez Jr, my husband died when I was finishing it and I was able to make my professional debut with it at the 2003 Rocky Mountain Storytelling Conference. How yoga and mantra sustains us! It is the rock, the strength, the faith, to continue and not despair and give up, as my husband and little sister have by taking their own lives.

IslamMandala3.jpgI made this music album for no rational reason. I spend way more money than I make on my work. I do it for yoga and myth, not economics. (That is for boring people.) There was something inside that the Universe wanted to be expressed through me. So I took the risk, followed my bliss and heeded the call.

The  music on Storytime Yoga: Peace, for the Children is meant to cultivate peace - Peace for the children. These story-songs I wrote the music and lyrics to are to move to, sing to, listen to, dance to. Put in some yoga, or just stretch. Listen and mediate to the words and music, or fall asleep to them. Peace is cultivated from within with the practice of yoga, bringing our minds, bodies and hearts into alignment with the universe, realizing that with love and gratitude we are all one.

Peace, for the Children. It's what the world wants. It's what the world needs. Let's make peace now in the name of children and in the name of love. Why peace you ask? I grew up in the shadows of my father's childhood trauma of World War II and being interned in horrifying Japanese concentration camps on the island of Java. The war damaged my father terribly, as it does all children.

We can end war today by telling stories and teaching yoga to children, because children are our hope for peace. Every heart, transformed by yoga is one transformed by peace. And the only war we can end really is the one within our own hearts. By stripping away the upset, the anger, the fear, the shame, the pain and sorrow that has happened to us, to replace our identity with the ego-mind and its endless story that keeps us in trapped in duality. To remember our identity with the divine, to surrender in love to what is - that brings peace.

It has brought peace to me. That's why this album is finally finished.

Enjoy. Please share with children, (and adults will have fun too!) so that there may be peace in your hearts and peace in the world, for the children.



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  1. Laura Mankowsky March 31, 2016 at 12:13 pm - Reply

    I love you Queen of Bohemia and your beautiful heart!! I will be offering 5 weeks of storytelling, yoga, theatre, and crafts to the young children of Belchertown, MA. this summer
    ! Your heart goes on! Om’ Shanti!!

    Laura Mankowsky

    • Sydney Solis April 1, 2016 at 7:10 am - Reply

      Namaste dearest Laura! Thank you, thank you! Oh, my life’s mission is fulfilled and you bring tears to my eyes hearing those words! That is so wonderful and I know you will bring such light and joy to these children’s hearts and lives, to their families and communities and the world as well! I so miss you! Lots of love and peace and many thanks! Keep up the great work! Follow your heart! OM SHANTI

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