What People are Saying
about the Storytime Yoga™ Book

My husband gave me your book for Christmas and I absolutely LOVE it and will use TONS for my classroom! I can't wait to start! Thank you and namaste!

–Marnie Krajicek, via the internet

I got a copy of your Storytime Yoga™ two weeks ago, and I really fallen in love with your book. It has given me so much inspirations and I have put into practice into my teaching for kids' yoga for the last three classes. They are fantastic. I do look forward to your new book. Thank you!

— Emily Goh, Taiwan

We love your book. I’m a homeschooling mom and I use Storytime Yoga™ throughout the day with my two children, ages 7 and 4. We enjoy the flow of the yoga stories and the engaging imagery every morning as we wake to a new day of learning and play. We also use centerings and warm-up activities throughout our day. I’m not sure who benefits more, my children or me.
I definitely want to thank you, Sydney, for writing such an inspiring book. You have given a new energy and creativity to our mornings. It carries us throughout our day.

— N. Mann, Chandler, Arizona

There are more and more yoga books for children being produced now...which is great ( I have many of them). I recently purchased this book and must say that this book is special. It gives great ideas for storytelling, meditations, breathing techniques, songs, asanas, warm-ups and games, as well as including several stories you can also tell. I also liked that fact that it gives tips on how to teach yoga philosophies simply to children (love, peace, patience, respect, kindness, etc). This is a truly great book! Highly recommended if you want to teach yoga to children and stay true to the purpose of yoga!

— C.L. San Diego

This morning I was inspired to write you as I sat down to prepare for today's children's yoga class and naturally gravitated toward your resourceful book and found exactly what I wanted to do with the children today. I have many children's yoga books to choose from and each time I end up in your book finding something that is just right for the day, season, weather, moon, etc...

— Anna L. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I got your book a few days and ago and was very uplifted and inspired by your stories and other resources you have assembled. THANK YOU!

— Jacqueline M. New York

I just wanted to let you know I have been teaching kid's yoga for three weeks now and both the parents and kids love your stories and poses. Thank you for your wonderful book, it makes teaching so easy and enjoyable.

— Michelle F.

I realized just how deep my spirituality is and how important it is to me. I loved the self-reflection and sharing and listening to stories with others, and that my personal story has value and is not just old history.

— Mythic Yoga™ workshop participant

I love your book and your website! I have been teaching a children's yoga class once a week for about 2 years and just recently ran across your book. Your book is (to me) so different than any others out there I have seen. I have gotten a lot of new fun ideas! Thank you!

— Leigh :)

I just wanted to thank you for all your precious work!
I just think you work is so important and vital. May God keep on blessing you and enlighting you! Namaste!

— Bertha M. Houston, Texas

I just want to tip my hat to you for the WONDERFUL work you're doing!

— Margot Dengel, Syracuse, NY

Thank you Sydney for the newsletter. We are implementing the curriculum here in Oceanside. With great success. Moms come back to me and tell me how the children are going home with the lessons and using them in their life. Thank you for your divine good work.

— Cecilia R. Oceanside, CA

Take a magic carpet ride with Sydney Solis as she instructs the novice and seasoned yoga teacher in ways to engage children's imagination with the practice of asanas. The tone of the book is spiritual with just enough levity to make it fun. The collection of stories are simple, mythylogical and easy to adapt to your own classes. Sydney Solis is a generous writer with a big heart. You will not regret buying this book.

— Jacqueline M. East Quogue, NY

Hi, I just wanted to share that I used some of the storytime method for my preschool class yesterday and it was AWESOME. The kids really loved it (Frederico, handstands, creating a story) and I felt so thrilled to have such a great class (a real shift from the 1st week with lots of distraction etc.) So thank, thank you, thank you.....

— Allyson Levine, Denver, CO

“You have an amazing embodiment of both the spirit and practice of yoga and are truly a gift to those who get the chance to be in your presence and experience your joy of life! You have such a fluid style of teaching that is quite enjoyable, and your love of your work shows through in your sharing of ideas as well as your attention to all who attended.”

— Larry O., Lakewood, Colorado

My interest in working with you stems from your broad exposure to various schools of wisdom -- your ability to connect Yoga with Jungian psychology, comparative mythology with the stresses of modern daily life.  Your deep integration of mind, spirit, and body separates you from other instructors who may only address body and spirit in their practice.  It's this integration of the intellect that distinguishes you. 

I also appreciate the work you're doing with young children, introducing the movement and breath of yoga to these small beings.  Regardless of their ability to grasp the deeper layers of Yoga, such practice introduces important aspects of self-respect and self-reliance at a tender age -- developing their ability to focus inwardly in the midst of a western culture that does not nurture such reverence for self. 

— Bill A., Golden, Colorado

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