Storytime Yoga® Kids and Family Yoga class with The Queen of Bohemia at Florida Storytelling Fest

kids yoga storytelling and educationStorytime Yoga® with The Queen of Bohemia

Florida Storytelling Festival

Mt. Dora, Florida

The Youthful Voices Tent 11:00-noon on Saturday April 2

Kids and parents! Learn the three Rs of rhyme, rhythm and repetition as you learn and play the Storytime Yoga® way. Storyteller, poet and yoga instructor Sydney Solis, as The Queen of Bohemia, blends the wisdom of story and the wellness of yoga to entertain, enchant and educate. Via the body and word, travel the world in story, chant and movement to join in the magic of the imagination! 

Get the scoop at the Florida Storytelling Association and to register! 

Peace, for the Children Kids yoga story music Storytime YogaThe Storytime Yoga kids yoga story, dance and mantra music cd, Peace, for the Children, will be available too! Literacy and yoga go hand in hand! So does mental health and yoga! Learn how with the Queen of Bohemia and her Storytime Yoga® Bhava Band!

I will also be presenting Mythic Yoga for teens and adults! If you do not know your myth, inquire within!


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  1. […] Beach library with The Artemis Club features of Mythic Yoga. I am teaching and performing at the Florida Storytelling Festival April 1-3 in Mount Dora, Florida. I’m at the Loveland, Colorado Public Library April 30 and July […]

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