Storytime Yoga® & Sleepytime Yoga™ are trademarked with the US Trademark Office: Be aware!

Copying is always the best flattery, however, as a widow with two kids, I put a lot of sweat and tears into Storytime Yoga® and Sleepytime Yoga™ , the original kids yoga program that acts out folktales and is Montessori education-based.

Since founding Stoytime Yoga® back in 2003 I've had to contact people infringing on the Storytime Yoga® and Sleepytime Yoga™ names as well as enforce copyright from people who do note cite the source of my materials.

Let's use ethics. In yoga it's ashima, non-harming, and asteya, non-stealing. I'm all about giving and teaching kids yoga and I'm the most reluctant capitalist. Kindly cite me as a source if you use my materials or contact me to use permission.   Kindly join me in informing others about the Storytime Yoga® and Sleepytime Yoga™ trademarks.

I'm self-published and want to be a mother first, not some corporate slave. So I enforce stuff myself! (with the help of an assistant too!) People get a letter like this, copied to my lawyer, Dave Ratner, of Creative Law Network in Denver, Colorado.

Good day and Namaste!

Storytime Yoga® and Sleepytime Yoga™ any word combination of these with kids yoga is trademark protected with the US trademark office by Sydney Solis and The Mythic Yoga Studio LLC. Storytime Yoga® and Sleepytime Yoga™ names are reserved for teachers who have completed the Storytime Yoga® for Kids training taught by founder Sydney Solis.
Kindly cease and desist using these names and remove links and pages with reference to these names or join us in learning the method of re-enacting stories with yoga at Sydney’s next training.

Storytime Yoga® was founded in 2003 in Boulder, Colorado by Sydney Solis based on Montessori education methods. Her best-selling book Storytime Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children Through Story, (2006 the Mythic Yoga Studio) has been an international best-seller and major influence in the children’s yoga community.

Storytime Yoga® The Peddler’s Dream: A wisdom story about following your heart kids yoga show appeared on PBS in 2007.

If you are a certified Storytime Yoga® teacher and feel you have received this in error, kindly contact us.

Thank you for your understanding in this issue.

Namaste and Have a Magical Day!


One of the biggest copyright violations comes from the Sun Salutations chant that comes from my book Storytime Yoga. I'm always amazed at how many people who are yoga teachers, who even know me and my work, do not cite this. It is considered professional, and a legal requirement, to cite your sources or get permission from the publisher/author if you are using trademarked, copyrighted materials. I'm not sure how all these kids yoga busineses are getting by using Eric Carle's the Hungry Caterpiller and so forth in their kids yoga classes that are private. Unless they have permission, it's a copyright violation.

If you are a public librarian and want to use Storytime Yoga® check out the scholarship offered for free training materials and e-books. 

I sure appreciate that!
Namaste and Have a Magical Day!


Use this chant to teach kids the sun salutation in yoga class, home or school!

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