Storytime Yoga® Kids Yoga, Story, Dance and Mantra Music Now Available! Peace, for the Children

Peace, for the Children Kids yoga story music Storytime YogaIt's finally here! The product of 5 years on my mythic journey Peace, for the Children is Storytime Yoga® for Kid's brand new Kids Yoga Dance Music CD. Read the story behind the music here! 

It's available for purchase digitally on CDBABY. Also the new kids yoga music is available on Amazon, I-Tunes and Spotify!

These joyful & whimsical story-songs by the The Queen of Bohemia and Her Storytime Yoga® Bhava Band draw on folk & classical music to enchant little yogis with rhyme, rhythm & repetition, using folktales & chants set to music & mantra that is perfect for kids yoga, dance & movement classes at home, school or library.

The Queen of Bohemia and Her Storytime Yoga® Bhava Band will be coming to a city or library near you to all enjoy together the stories and songs of Peace, for the Children. Contact her today to bring the joy and wisdom of Storytime Yoga to your town, school, library or yoga studio!

Help Kids Get Fit & Literate! Learn & Play the Storytime Yoga® Way!

storytime yoga children music

The Queen of Bohemia at the Lighthouse Children's Museum, DeLand, Florida 2013.

Sydney Solis is the Queen of Bohemia, and the Storytime Yoga® Bhava Band takes kids minds and bodies on imaginary journeys with story and song. Storytime Yoga®: Peace, for the Children educates, entertains and enlightens children of all ages with story, music and mantra.

There are 14 tracks with everything from namaste and breathing songs with kid-friendly mixes of folk, classical and lively whimsical sounds with lyrics replete with stories and yoga mantra.

teen yoga Colorado

Sydney teaching youth at Lighthouse Writers in Denver, 2014

Enjoy multicultural teaching tales, like The Golden Fish, a story from Russia with a Caribbean sound. The Nursery Rhyme Body Jam gets kids moving with the playfulness of words. Kids can follow along practicing the sun salutation with the popular Storytime Yoga Sun Salutation Chant, or relax and meditate to the lovely I Am Love, Shanti Om song. The overall experience aims to bring peace, health and literacy to children and families worldwide.

Since 2003 Sydney Solis's Storytime Yoga® has been a pioneer in children's yoga and body-centered education. Her methods are perfect for literacy, peace education, wellness and fitness and more. Listen to these songs at home, school, gym or studio, in the library or in the car, or even at bedtime to feel the calm, peace and joy.

May we all join in around the world to tell stories and teach yoga so that there may be peace, for the children.


This whole album has been a labor of love and a testament to the power of yoga and stories for inner peace and healing. Now more than ever before we need to find inner peace in our selves so that the world can be at peace.

For we must have Peace, for the Children,


The Queen of Bohemia & the Storytime Yoga®  Bhava Band

Peace, for the Children

Yoga, Story, Dance and Mantra Music for Children

by Sydney Solis


The Storytime Yoga Namaste Song                                                  

The Breathe it In, Breathe it Out Song                                                

The Breathing Song                                                                        

The Sun Salutation Chant  - Hare Om                                             

The Nursery Rhyme Body Jam - Om Mani Padme Hum

The Skeleton’s Ball                                               

The Golden Fish  - Om Gum Ganapatayeah Namaha                                                              

A Jingo a Jango  - Om Namah Shivaya                                       

The Croc 'n' Monkey Rap                 

I Am Love - Shanti Om                                                                      

Love & Peace & Happiness - Om Namah Shivaya                        

Chumba la Cachumba The Skeleton’s Ball - Spanish Version

The Golden Fish II                                                   


Order yours today at CD Baby!

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  2. Tanja February 25, 2016 at 6:25 am - Reply

    Dear Queen! Thank you so much for shining your love and joy into the world! I am sure this CD will bring much benefit to countless children!!

    • Sydney Solis March 1, 2016 at 6:34 pm - Reply

      Thank you my dear Tanja! OM SHANTI! Love and peace to all people, especially the little children!

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