Storytime Yoga® for Kids Photo of the Day: Seva at Pine Ridge Reservation

Storytime Yoga for Kids Pine Ridge ReservationIn July of 2009 Shakti Redding of Yoga World Reach asked me to join her at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

It was part of my then Storytime Yoga® for Kids mission to do some seva work.

Having had grown up in Colorado and spend 42 years in the West, I have great reverence for Native Americans their stories and customs.

It was heart-breaking to see the squalid conditions Native Americans live under at Pine Ridge, and even more heartbreaking to learn that suicide plagues Native Americans, along with diabetes and other ailments because of poor access to good grocery stores and fresh food.

Storytime Yoga for Kids pine ridge reservation

Mother and child.

But their culture lives on in this proud and beautiful people, and it was an honor to serve. I was asked back, but my two little kids at that time really started to need me and so I had to cut back and I went abroad the following year to take care of them! But what fond memories!

Teaching yoga to kids is to serve! I could've made a lot more money if I just stayed home! But I did this from passion! And I have no regrets! It was all worth it! Especially now in 2017 with the world gone crazy, little kids and adults alike need somebody to tell them stories and teach them yoga!




Storytime Yoga for Kids

Poster on wall at Pine Ridge Reservation.

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