Storytime Yoga® for Kids Photo of the Day: Memoirs of a Yoga Homeschool Mom

Storytime Yoga® for Kids Yoga Homeschool

Storytime Yoga® for Kids Yoga Homeschool. My son at our house in Arvada, Colorado 2004.

My son is graduating from high school this month. Frank Alejandro, 19, is graduating from Florida Virtual School, where he took online classes for the past four years.

When we moved up here from St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, he spent one day at the public high school, and I didn't blame him. I didn't want to really send my son to an American high school because I didn't like the culture.

Besides, he was in Montessori education through the second grade, and that gave him a foundation for learning. And we had left Boulder, Colorado in 2010 to have our yoga homeschool adventures, in which I created the Storytime Yoga® Kids Yoga Story Kits. So the online system fit my son perfect. I wish that were around when I was a kid!

It was tricky, but I learned to trust the process of him being at home all the time, even not leaving his room much. But he blossomed on his own: teaching himself Greek and Latin, getting involved making professional movies with our filmmaker neighbors, becoming the Volusia Historical Society Volunteer of the month for May 2016! He spent two months in Europe, with one of those months being at a Czech language school, home of our Bohemian ancestors.

Storytime Yoga® for Kids Yoga Homeschool

Storytime Yoga® for Kids Yoga Homeschool. My daughter at our home in Arvada, Colorado 2004.

He wants to major in history and language and will take classes at Daytona State College. He has taken up gourmet bread making too! He started off with loaves of bread and it has evolved into gourmet pizzas! He is also going to set up the hydroponic system again and grow tomatoes and basil to cook with! He had also taught himself online how to order the parts and assemble a computer.

So I feel pretty good regardless of much tragedy that had conflicted our lives. I was able to live my life on my terms and follow my bliss. And my greatest achievement and creation are my children. My business may have not become some behemoth corporation, but I'm proud of what I have been able to do independently with Storytime Yoga® which enabled me to prioritize to be there for my kids and a Householder Yogini first.

But now I am feeling the empty nest syndrome, and finding more time to work and write (without being constantly interrupted and being pulled in every direction having to do a million things at once like it has been as a widow of 2 kids for 14 years!!!!).

It's a sad fact of becoming a displaced householder yogini! Having relished my time as a yoga homeschool mom, being able to stay home and keep the hearth, educate my kids myself best I could.

I am spending more time apart from him and my almost 17-year-old daughter, who is flourishing in the DeLand, Florida high school marching band, letting in it. Teenagers don't hang around mom, so I am finding a new role outside of my kids who are now ready to leave the nest and not have mom call them all the time. I'm proud they are so independent, while many kids are over dependent. The obstacle was the path!

And the journey continues! I will be a Householder Yogini in Osaka, Japan where I am moving to with my hubby! My kids will be transitioning over slowly, and I will be going back and forth to Orlando and DeLand until my daughter graduates from high school in two years. And I will stop off in Boulder, Colorado to visit my dear 84-year-old papa on my way out.

The universe holds such amazingly mysterious and wonderful adventures for us. I am off to another one! The Mythic Yoga Journey! Be sure to follow me on my new site,  Sydney and follow me on Twitter too @InvincibleSolis. Of course follow Storytime Yoga® on Twitter too! The website will be reborn this summer as well!

Keep on telling stories and keep on teaching yoga to kids! I sure loved teaching my own and I love all the little kids I've had the pleasure to teach over the years and all the little ones I keep meeting now.


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