Storytime Yoga® for the Family at Loveland, Colorado Public Library April 30

Storytime Yoga in the Library

Great stories for telling oral stories with yoga in the library with Storytime Yoga®!

Bring the whole family to get fit and literate! Learn and play the Storytime Yoga® way with The Queen of Bohemia at the Loveland, Colorado Public Library April 30, 11-12 pm. FREE!

We will be using rhyme, rhythm and repetition to learn our three Rs with stories, as well as some chanting and singing. We will be using our bodies to act out the stories with yoga, connect deep to the little piece of paradise within ourselves as well as improve our relationships to each other as a family!

Learn to put on a storytelling and yoga hour in your home, find peaceful ways to deal with the stresses of the world, and have a whole lot of fun! OM SHANTI

Storytime Yoga with the Queen of Bohemia at the Estes Park, Colorado Public Library in 2010.


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