Storytime Yoga Children’s Mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sydney Solis in front of Esquina de las Flores where the Storytime Yoga Children's Mission was held in Buenos Aires

No matter what the socio-economic background, no matter what the race or class, educating and providing health care for all children is a priority for a peaceful and enlightened society. From Thomas Jefferson to Manuel Belgrano, we can all agree - the job of educating the children of the poor is a task for every person, as our own happiness is intertwined with theirs.

This is my mission in teaching children’s yoga, to bring peace, health and literacy to all children. It was the greatest joy to bring a free class of education, yoga and healthy living to the children of Buenos Aires through the Storytime Yoga Children’s Mission January 5, 2011. Service is indeed a joy.

Service is a joy. Serve children! Educate children!

During my nearly five-month stay in Buenos Aires, I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people who work with children in many capacities and was delighted to know that people were very interested in yoga, which is very much alive in Buenos Aires.  During my first visit, I met Ignacio Dodero, a brilliant social-entrepreneur who trains young adults from the slums in technology, which jobs are in high demand. I taught a meditation class to the Proyecto Programar staff and donated books as well.

I also had a stop at the Nuevo Vrindavana Yoga Farm and donated some Storytime Yoga Spanish language books, Como Enseñar Yoga a los Niños Mediante el Uso de Cuentos. The amazing ashtanga teacher Marcela Larrosa saw these at the farm and contacted me, as she was interested in learning to teach children’s yoga. She arranged for me to teach at the Esquina de las Flores Health food store and restaurant on Gurruchaga and Honduras Streets in Palermo Soho. I highly recommend this place for wonderful food! I am so grateful to the store and Marcella, for she taught me so much in her ashtanga yoga classes. Her friend and yoga teacher Mariana Schagas was also instrumental  in organizing the children’s class. I must give thanks to my dear Spanish tutor and translator the divine Laura Vasquez for her assistance in all things.

Donating books is a joy. Many children's service groups received donations of the Storytime Yoga's Spanish version, Como Enseñar Yoga a los Niños Mediante el Uso de Cuentos.

Many children came, and I was especially grateful that disadvantaged youth came, thanks to Gabriella Brizzio, who is part of Proyecto Solidario Om Mani Padme Hum, which organizes programs for disadvantaged children. I donated a book for their continual learning.

I learned about this program from a Silvana Sturba, a psychotherapist I met at the 8th Congress of Mental Health and Human Rights that Las Madres, the Mothers of the Disappeared, put on. She works with disadvantaged children as well and received a free book for her interest in psychotherapy and the body.

I developed friendships with some Bolivians who run the local verduleria, produce stand, in my neighborhood. One had a young child and was very interested in Storytime Yoga. He was returning to Bolivia and has a sister who is a preschool teacher there. So he got a free book too! He was very excited about this, as he said they don’t have a lot of resources there. It makes me excited knowing that the children of Bolivia will be learning through storytelling and yoga! I will be making you tube videos and audios in Spanish in the future for this purpose – serving children of all walks of life!

Friendly Bolivians at the local produce stand will bring a Storytime Yoga book back to Bolivian preschoolers!

I had the intention of donating Storytime Yoga books to the Biblioteca Nacional in Buenos Aires, however, they were closed for the holidays! Oh, well. I will be back to my beloved Argentina soon to make the donation, as well as put on trainings and continue to serve.

You can see videos of the Buenos Aires class in English and Spanish on You Tube under the Storytime Yoga Channel.

Que Linda Manita – Warm up in Spanish

Cucu Cantaba La Rana in Spanish

Ganesha’s Lesson Part I – Hindu story in English and Spanish

Ganesha’s Lesson Part II -

There is no greater reward than to serve. It lights up your whole being. I truly love children and believe that they are our greatest resource for a bright future. Teach them well. Take the time to find a way to serve all children.

I hope you consider making a donation to the Storytime Yoga Children’s Mission, or join me on my next mission in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Namaste and have a magical day!

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