Stories and Kids Yoga for Oral and Literacy Skills

kids yoga and stories for literacy

After hearing stories and moving their bodies with yoga to re-enact the story, kids draw pictures and then tell their favorite parts of the story to develop oral and literacy skills.

Kids love stories! Teach kids yoga by telling kids stories and enchant their world from the inside out to ignite their,innate desire and ability to learn! The pictures in their heads that kids create from hearing an oral story ignite their imaginations and excite their desire to speak, create, read and learn by creating original images within their body and mind. Images are necessary for learning and mastering symbolic language, such as reading, writing, music, computers, math, etc. Combine it with yoga to merge body and word and make it physical and playful and voila! That's the basics of Storytime Yoga for Kids.

I had the great privilege of teaching this to a great group of kids at the Storytime Yoga Kids Yoga Camp at Om-Tastic Yoga in Colorado Springs this week in addition to the Storytime Yoga for Kids Day Training that taught parents, therapists and yoga teachers the power of stories and kids yoga combined.

A few tips to combine stories with your kids yoga classes:

kids yoga and literacy Storytime Yoga

Parents learn to educate their kids with oral storytelling and yoga in the Storytime Yoga Day Training in Colorado Spring recently.

1) Choose folklore. Kids yoga stories need enchantment to pitch them out of the ordinary world and into the suspended time and space realm where the yoga and imagination exist and are experienced. Folklore enables cross-curriculum of social studies and peace and character education about other cultures and ideas. Folklore also imparts universal wisdom and morals for kids.

2) Tell the story orally! A book is wonderful, but it's a medium that comes between you and the child. Oral storytelling is immediate and intimate and creates a strong relationship with the listener.

3) Retell the story by asking kids questions. Who is the story about? Strike a yoga pose and become the main character! What happens next? Another yoga pose! Narrative structure is essential in learning and living in the world. Doing it with their bodies through yoga empower them and connect them to the body.

4) After the story and yoga, do follow-up activities for oral and literacy skills. Have kids draw a picture of their favorite part of the story. Have the child point to the picture and tell orally what it's about, why they like that part of the story. Have kids write down words on the page. Younger kids can dictate to you as you write the words down. Then show kids - you are writers!

5) I hand out construction paper to kids to make covers for their artwork/stories. You are a published author, tell them! As the Latin word publicar means "to make public." As soon as you tell your story to others, you are published! This empowers kids and gives them the confidence to create, tell and write their own stories.

6) Invite kids to explore the folklore they heard by finding books at the library. Suggest they tell the stories they heard at home and practice yoga with their family or classmates.

To learn the complete Storytime Yoga Technique, get my book Storytime Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children. Watch a Storytime Yoga Class instantly on Amazon!   Get the Storytime Yoga Kids Yoga Story Kits that include world folklore with Kamishibai storytelling cards. Check the schedule for upcoming Storytime Yoga for Kids Day Trainings near you! Or contact me to schedule one!

Have fun teaching kids yoga and telling stories!

Namaste and have a magical day!

Boulder, Colorado

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