Sleepytime Yoga™ – Yoga Nidra for Kids with Storytelling of the Cracked Pot

Storytime Yoga's twin is Sleepytime Yoga, using creative relaxation techniques and modified yoga nidra for kids to help kids relax, refresh and renew. Bedtime stories take a whole new twist when we listen to a story in its entirety and also relax our mind and body. With messages of "there is nothing to do" "there is nothing to get" kids get to just "be." They get to enjoy their breath, they get to just BE!

In this artificial world of kids doing way too much for no good reason but to consume and boost a misguided economic mythology or their parents' unrealized lives, relaxation and getting back in touch with the imagination and the intuitive, feeling side of kids's hearts is imperative.

So help kids relax, refresh and renew with the story of the Cracked Pot from India. Found only prior in Storytime Yoga: The Treasure in Your Heart: Stories and Yoga for Peaceful Children and as audio only in the Get Started Kit.  All from the Mythic Yoga Studio! 

Get thee to a Sleepytime Yoga storytelling session! Even just watching the video of koi fish from Kyoto, Japan will make you relax!


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