Peace, for the Children CD –
Yoga, Dance, Movement and Mantra Music for Children


The Queen of Bohemia & the Storytime Yoga Bhava Band

These joyful & whimsical story-songs by pioneering kids yoga teacher and storyteller Sydney Solis draw on folk & classical music to enchant little yogis. Using rhyme, rhythm and repetition, the folktales and chants set to music and mantra are perfect for kids yoga, dance and movement classes at home, school or library.

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“I feel certain that you bring some magic to the practice of kids yoga. Thanks for sharing.”
– Kaitlin Quistgaard, Editor-in-Chief – Yoga Journal Magazine

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Peace, for the Children

Kids Yoga, Story, Dance and Mantra Music

Song list:

1. The Storytime Yoga Namaste Song   1:12
2. The Breathe it in, Breathe it Out Song  3:12
3. The Breathing Song  1:53
4. The Sun Salutation Chant  - Hare Om  1:46
5. The Skeleton’s Ball  2:18
6. The Golden Fish  - Om Gum Ganapatayeah Namaha  4:42
7. The Croc 'n' Monkey Rap  3:49
8. A Jingo a Jango  - Om Namah Shivaya  2:49
9. The Nursery Rhyme Body Jam - Om Mani Padme Hum  3:19
10. I Am Love - Shanti Om  2:21
11. Love & Peace & Happiness - Om Namah Shivaya  0:55
12. Chumba la Cachumba The Skeleton’s Ball - Spanish Version  2:18
13. The Golden Fish II   4:42

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