New Storytime Yoga® Kids Yoga Music from the Queen of Bohemia!

Kids Yoga Music The Skeletons' Ball
The Mythic Yoga Studio LLC is pleased to announce the release of Storytime Yoga® for Kids with the Queen of Bohemia new kids yoga music just in time for Fall, Halloween and Day of the Dead, el Dia de los Muertos!

The Skeletons' Ball is a folktale from Latin America translated and retold by Sydney Solis. She's made several video versions over the years, and during her last visit to her home state of Colorado finally sat down with vocal coach and childhood friend Jennifer Thomas and her musician, recording genius Jamie Krutz to get an MP3 version!

Get kids to move their bodies to each round! See additional videos below for ideas!

Here is it. I hope you enjoy! Purchase the MP3 version in the Storytime Yoga® for Kids Store! Only $1.49!
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Put some movement to the Song! Watch here a live performance at the Good Hope School in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands!

And another version of movement with the Queen of Bohemia in Barcelona, Spain.

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