The Mythic Yoga Studio is Wherever You Are and Online with Sydney Solis

Sydney Solis Self-Portrait with Cat Boulder, Colorado 1989

In Mythic Yoga we examine ourselves, our persona, and look at self-portraits and personal storytelling from the body. It is svadyaya, self-reflection. Here is an early Selfie before there were Selfies and only silver-gelatin prints. Sydney Solis Self-Portrait with Athena Cat, Boulder, Colorado 1989.

I never knew that my last name was the Latin word for Sun until about 3 years after my husband's death. It was on a sundial in a public library courtyard in Arvada, Colorado.

I knew that sol meant sun in Spanish, but thought that Solis was more related to the Celtic Sun Goddess Sulis. My lifetime of practicing yoga and using mythology to chart life's tempestuous trials has brought me to a special place these days.

It seems I have gone through a cycle of 13 years. I can feel a completion. And my latest symbol and myth for myself is naturally, the SUN! It's like realizing that the jewel of wisdom has all along been right there in the middle of your forehead. Oh! There I am! Solis! The Sun! That's me! What a nice myth to carry around with me.

So I, Solis, rise again with my Mythic Yoga online classes. What's your myth? If you do not know, join me to travel the world without leaving your seat. The Mythic Yoga Studio is wherever you are and online!  It's a personal journey and the online connection is to guide you there through the telling of world mythology.

We will explore the geography of our inner worlds that the myths point us to in our bodies. It's really raja yoga in action, as we will use a variety of movement in our practice including gentle yoga and dance. No yoga experience is necessary and can be even done from a chair.

We kick it off on MondaySeptember 12 at 8 pm EST  for a 4-week mythic journey. Dive into your depths of being using story, mythology, dream work, journaling, ritual, art, dance and yoga to listen deeply and find your pearl of great price to bring back to the surface!

We delve into all world mythology and connect it to our lives using its psycho-social benefits. Connect to the somatic realms of the psyche as well as intellectual, which is through the body! Hear personal stories of a lifetime of yoga practice to inspire you to inquire into your own story and tell it, write it, dance it, express it - your personal myth for self-growth and healing. We will all start sharing out stories and discover that we are one! That's Mythic Yoga!

Mythic Yoga

Hindu myths and symbols point us toward the eternal within.

Mythic Yoga Online Classes Details:

• Cost is $250. Save $50 if register by may 15. Contact us to register.

• Four weeks of original Mythic Yoga online course work related to the Mythic Yoga At-Home Guide to put to work during the week at home.

• Group interaction in a forum to post your questions and comments, dream work, guided home work and exercises.

• Live video class every week for feedback and coaching that will be recorded if you can't make it.

• Includes all coursework, online platforms as well as the e-book Mythic Yoga: Ancient Hindu Myth and Personal Myth by Sydney Solis and her childhood memoir of war Outside the Concentration Camp, all to get you inspired to share your story of healing with yoga and story.

Mythic Yoga Storytelling with Sydney Solis Florida Storytelling Festival 2016

Do Tell Your Story! It's great 5th chakra work. Expressive arts and yoga therapy! Find your voice and tell the stories of the ancestors! Stories of the heart! Mythic Yoga Storytelling with Sydney Solis Florida Storytelling Festival 2016.

• All you need is high-speed internet access and a webcam!

• Check out all the fun Mythic Yoga The Story in the Body participants had on our 5-day Retreats held in Boulder, Colorado 2008-2010. 

The original Mythic Yoga! Live your myth! Take a risk and follow your bliss! Find the courage to go on that journey deep within. Fear not! it's only a journey into your own being and becoming!


Click here for more info about Mythic Yoga at its own site that will be returning after a 13-year hiatus!


Great Reading!

Some of My Favorite Books for Personal Mythology and Healing Trauma with Yoga and Story.

Join Kintla Yoga and I in the Facebook Group Healing Trauma with Yoga and Story


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