Mythic Yoga at Florida Storytelling Festival April 1 – Personal Mythology

Mythic Yoga Sydney SolisThere is a mythic dimension to your being. Images, metaphor, symbols and the intuitive and feeling functions of our psyche are integral to our lives, yet our culture does not value them. The body knows though, and yearns to reconnect to that lost aspect of ourselves and find wholeness, beauty, growth and peace.

Mythic Yoga Sydney Solis

There is an urgency to connect to the depths and bring wholeness to yourself and world. Images, dreams and metaphors, they have something to say to you. Listen to your body to find out what.

Images work you in a non-intellectual way. This  dimension is felt in your body. Experience the wisdom your body and ancient myths await for you in the Mythic Yoga Workshop with Sydney Solis at the Florida Storytelling Festival April 2 in Mt. Dora, Florida.


Mythic Yoga

What is your myth? If you do not know, get thee to Mythic Yoga! Get out of your head and listen to the rest of your body. Create a personal mythology for wellness and healing. Experiment with world mythology, imagery and the oral tradition to gain insight to your life and inspiration for your stories and poetry. 

Sydney Solis Mythic Yoga

Act our your myths. The psyche urgently wants you to enter into the mythic dimension of your being to bring forth the depths that are absent from the world today.


Listen to what the body’s silent voice has to say as a prompt for oral storytelling and writing via gentle yoga, movement, yoga nidra and meditation.  Bring paper, a writing instrument and a dream. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and blanket if you have one. No yoga experience required.

Practice Mythic Yoga on Your Own!

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