Kids Yoga – Turtle Poetry and Poses

An anonymous poem about turtles, which are abundant here in St. Croix, gets little ones' bodies moving and minds creating........
There was a little turtle; he lived in a box. He swam in a puddle; he climbed on the rocks. He snapped at a mosquito; he snapped at a flew. He snapped at a minnow; he snapped at me. He caught the mosquito; he caught the flea. He caught the minnow; but he didn't catch me!

Yoga poses? Turtle pose - kurmasana, naturally! Everything else is Storytime Yoga!

Search for more poems, find the rhyme, rhythm, repetition and harmony in nature and all of creation! Make up your own poetry! Better yet, make it up with children!!! Delight in the natural world. Delight in educating children.

Namaste and have a magical day!

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