The Yoga of Story

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“...I’d recommend Storytime Yoga® to everyone who is interested in not only learning more about yoga, but learning more about the journey we go through as human beings too. The introspective aspect of working on yourself through this course is not easy, but is absolutely worthwhile. To describe it in three words, I’d have to say: I loved it!” - Michelle Morgan – London, U.K.

Storytime Yoga for kids mother and child Denver

Sydney teaching Storytime Yoga in Denver, 2007.

Storytime Yoga® is the original kids yoga with story program created by Sydney Solis in 2003. In addition to being the first kids yoga program on PBS, it was the first online kids yoga teacher training in the world, spreading Sydney's concepts of movement and story far and wide across the globe.

Complement any kids yoga certification with this specialty and supplementary kids yoga teacher training based on Sydney's more than 14 years teaching kids yoga.

Get inspired to create your own kids yoga program as a storytelling yoga teacher! Teach in a cyclical, rather than linear, method and create ritual and meaning! Kids get twice the yoga when you TELL a story and not just read a book! For the interior world of images lead kids not just toward literacy, but to psycho-social development and self-awareness.

Find your voice and learn to use the ancient art of oral storytelling and yoga to educate, entertain, enchant and help heal kids and families.  Enhance kids' and families' literacy, health and peace skills with the body and the word!

Since 2006 Sydney has been conducting the original online kids yoga teacher training.  The Storytime Yoga for Kids Certification  trained thousands world-wide.  She has retired from live and online trainings. But you can still learn the method and learn from home!

Training Materials!

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In addition, optionally purchase the following to accompany the Training Materials Package

       •  Awakening the Storyteller Recorded Class Package

       • Stories from the Heart Recorded Class Package

       •  Mythic Yoga and Dream Work Recorded Class Package

       • Storytime Yoga Recorded Class Video Package

   Art of the Storytelling Yoga Teacher Recorded Class Package

  A Lifeboat and a Compass Healing Stories recorded class video. 

  Sleepytime Yoga™ Relaxation and Meditation recorded class video. 

  Peace and Character Education recorded class video.

Also watch recorded class videos and trainings on The Mythic Yoga Studio site!

Consult a Storytime Yoga® Certified Teacher in Your Area! Or read her inspiring posts in the Library, including The Householder Yogini's Little Piece of Paradise about her personal spiritual journey of how she uses yoga and story to heal.

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