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Kids Yoga DVD

Peddler's Dream_Kids Yoga DVD_1• Practice yoga with your child to the Award-Winning  Kids Yoga DVD featuring the wisdom story of The Peddler's Dream. Aired on PBS Nov. 7, 2008.


Purchase Recorded Storytime Yoga® for Kids with the Queen of Bohemia class videos at the Mythic Yoga Studio on

Listen to Storytelling Audios - Available only with The Get Started Kit!

Golden cucumber kids yoga stories• The Golden Cucumber: Stories from Indonesia. Performed at the Rocky Mountain Storytellers' Conference April 2003 and Pitkin County Library Storytelling Artist Series, Aspen, Colorado 2004.

The Peddler's Dream: Wisdom Stories from Around the World. Accompanies the book Storytime Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children Through Story.


Coming soon! Summer 2014!

Peace for the World's Children!

Listen to Kids Yoga Music by
The Queen of Bohemia and the Storytime Yoga Bhava Band.


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