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Raven brings the light Storytime Yoga Kids Yoga Story Kit

Raven Brings the Light Storytime Yoga Kids Yoga Story Kit


Namaste and Have a Magical Day Educating Your Child
with Your Own Voice!

Sydney Solis created the concept for these Kids Yoga Story Kits while she home schooled her children in Buenos Aires in 2010. Read about her experience in the library with The Householder Yogini's Little Piece of Paradise.

Use these downloadable, multicultural kids yoga story kits to educate your child at home, yoga studio, therapy session or in the classroom. Increase your child's literacy, oral skills, imagination, critical thinking, health and fitness, focus and attention.

Storytime Yoga® for Kids Grateful Crane Kids Yoga Story Kit
Each Kids Yoga Story Kit includes a downloadable featured story with Kamishibai storytelling panels to print out or use on for an e-reader or I-pad to encourage retelling of the story orally by the parent or child. Also includes coloring pages, yoga asanas, vocabulary cards, video, audio and parent/teacher guide for working with the story.

kids yoga stories with Storytime Yoga home schoolStories are:

• Dragon Mother Awakens by Sydney Solis

• Raven Brings the Light- Inuit

The Armadillo Who Wanted to Sing - Bolivia

The Grateful Crane - Japan

• The Rabbit in the Moon - India

The Most Beautiful Heart - U.S.A.

BEST PRICE! Get all six PDF e-book editions of the Kids Yoga Story Kits and enjoy the quantity discount! These are printable!

Storytime Yoga® for Kids Kamishibai storytelling yoga cards. Download, print out, read along and retell the story! Or use with iPad!

Learn to make a Storytime Yoga for Kids Storytelling Scroll or use the images on your iPad to retell the story and develop literacy.
Read along with your child, or have the child read along herself or with the included Mp3 audio!

Each Storytime Yoga® Kids Yoga Story Kit is Scripted with Yoga poses included in the Parent/Teacher guide!

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