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kids yoga therapy

Teens relax during Mythic Yoga sessions at Lighthouse Writers Youth Camp in Denver, 2014

Private and Semi-Private Yoga Therapy and Coaching
with Sydney Solís, RYT
at Studio Solís in DeLand, Florida

Serving Psyche and Soma; Uniting Body and Word Via Yoga, Expressive Arts and Nature.

Yoga Therapy in DeLand, Florida with Storytelling  specializing in:

• personal growth • restorative • stress release • anxiety •  ADHD/ADD • depression •  trauma and PTSD •  bipolar disorder • suicide prevention

For children, teens, adults and senior. Veterans and their families especially welcome.

Contact us to schedule an appointment and for more information. Sydney works with  psychotherapists licensed in the state of Florida.

kids yoga therapy

Reconnecting kids to nature and the food they eat through yoga and story

Before Sydney focused on Storytime Yoga for Kids, she trained extensively in yoga therapy and started a yoga therapy program at Coors Wellness Center. Over the years, numerous play therapists have studied with her due to the remarkable combination of yoga and stories to help kids focus, self-regulate and become comfortable in their bodies. Her understanding of these conditions also come from her personal experience of healing with yoga and stories personal and family history of mental health, PTSD, suicide and war trauma.

Sydney draws upon a wide variety of methods, including yoga asana and yoga nidra, meditation, relaxation and restorative, nature and other sensory exploration, storytelling, ayurveda, music and more!

Visit the For Therapists Page for A Lifeboat and a Compass, more resources for helping kids and families heal with yoga and story.

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