Kids Yoga Asana: Natarajasana


kids yoga natarajasana

Illustration by András Balog Copyright 2012 The Mythic Yoga Studio LLC All rights reserved

Practice this pose to stretch your chest, shoulders, thighs, groin and abdomen.

It will strengthen your legs and ankles and improve your balance.

Begin in tadasana, mountain pose. Bring your weight to your right leg and draw strength into your core.

Draw left knee up to hip level and interlaced your fingers around the knee. Balance there, relying on your solid core and leg strength.

Then tip the knee behind you and grab the inside of your foot. Then lift your right hand and arm straight up into the air.

Scoop up from your core and lift your belly, then bow forward.

Push your hand into your foot and the foot into the hand.



Be sure to check out the Kids Yoga Philosophy section about the symbolism of Nataraja as well as the coloring page!

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