Kids Yoga Asana – Eagle pose – Garudasana


Click here for the story of How Garuda Brought the Nectar of Heaven and Earth and for kids yoga poses with the story!

Eagle Pose, garudasana. Copyright 2012 The Mythic Yoga Studio LLC. All Rights Reserved. Illustration by András Balogh.

The Garuda Bird is the Vehicle of Vishnu. Eagle Pose, or garudasana, is a wonderful pose to stretch your arms and shoulders, strengthen your ankles and achieve balance.

How To

Plant your left foot in the earth, cross the right foot over and cross at the ankle. Bring right arm straight out in front of you, chest height, and then cross left arm over at the elbows. Bend left arm at elbow and bring palms of hands together.

This is your beak! Hike your right foot up if you can and tuck the toes behind the calf of the left leg. Balance! Squeeze in tight! See if you can bow at the hips and maintain your balance. Then, release and FLY! Reach your arms out to the side.

Repeat on other side.



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