Family Storytelling: Good for Root and Throat Chakras

Grab your kids and plop them next to your family elders! Connecting kids to elders is a great way to give elders a chance to relate meaningfully still in the world sharing their stories and wisdom.

Family storytelling connects kids to their ancestors and roots. Great for the root chakra as well as the throat chakra, expressing and speaking. Family stories such as what country ancestors came from, what kinds of foods they ate and jobs they did, all enrich kids' lives. Plus in a world where smartphones and other devices take away from interaction, storytelling has never been so important to keep kids communicating and socializing.

Yoga homeschool Storytime Yoga for Kids

My kids have been making handmade paper and books since they were 4 years old! I taught in their Montessori School in Golden, Colorado for years, and we made books from stories of ancestors, then had an art exhibit and oral presentation to families! FUN!

Experts recommend limiting children's smartphone use because of this. The children will lose time that could have been spent on conversation with their parents or on sharing experiences, and parents can also grow careless in how they watch after their children's safety.

Help kids get real! Get relatives to tell them stories! Listening is yoga too and develops concentration and attention.

You can also get kids to make their own books and write down the family stories. When I taught in my kids' classrooms at the Montessori School of Golden in Colorado, we made paper, wrote down family stories, made books, and then had an "art show" of the books, inviting family and then telling our stories. FUN!


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