Faith in Stories: Using Storytime Yoga to Teach Peace Through Interfaith Storytelling

Peace is possible when we know the other to be ourself. When we sit down and tell stories to each other, when we listen to others' stories, we find out that we are really one and the same. For we have the same experiences through life: Joy and sorrow, birth and death, challenges and triumphs. Empathy happens when we feel the emotions that others express. This leads to peace.

The following article was published in The National Storytelling Network's Storytelling Magazine in 2016. Stories are taken from my book Storytime Yoga: The Treasure in Your Heart: Yoga and Stories for Peaceful Children. It contains a series of interfaith stories from around the world to teach how to deal with life's challenges. From how to cope with feelings of anger to fear, problems of worry and death, from the yoga philosophy of the yamas and the niyamas, stories are the best way to teach! Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammed, they all knew this is the way to the heart!


storytime yoga for kids yoga and storytelling faith in stories

storytime yoga for kids yoga and storytelling stories of faith

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