Don’t Just Let Kids Sit and Study, Strike a Yoga Pose!

My daughter and I were working on her Oak Meadow home school English literature curriculum together. We read a folktale about a little tree that wanted to be special. So an old man carved its wood into a lovely harp, which all the towns people came out to hear. The lesson was about plot and theme.

As we discussed the plot, I reminded her that, "It's just like Storytime Yoga. Remember, who is the story about? what happens, what happens next? That's the plot." And we started with the characters. "Who is the story about?" The Tree. She likes to move around while learning, not just sit. She has found that by chewing gum, or tossing an orange around while listening, she retains information better and helps her focus. So,  we got up out of our chairs and did the tree pose.

"I'm able to balance for much longer now," she said. Indeed, even at 10 years of age, the truth of Storytime Yoga still shines through and kids have fun learning with yoga. Get out of your chair! Learn through the body!

So much fun! And stories, how they bring the magic of the world alive.

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