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A Lifeboat and a Compass: Yoga and Stories to Help Youth and Families Heal in Kids Yoga Therapy

IslamMandala3Over the years, numerous therapists have studied with me to learn the method of Storytime Yoga. They recognized the value of storytelling to help children heal mind and body.

 In the ritual of Storytime Yoga, children connect mind and body to the environment. Over the years I have noticed and heard from others how Storytime Yoga has assisted children in becoming  more physically, mentally and emotionally healthy, using the reflective process of storytelling and the mind/body focus of yoga.

My own journey of story and yoga infuses this work in dealing with trauma from childhood abuse, the suicides of my late husband and youngest sister, and to overcome ADHD and chronic depression. Yoga and storytelling have helped my two children overcome the loss of their father and cope with the stresses of the world.


• Read articles in the Library under Storytime Yoga and Healing , Mental Health and Yoga and Yoga Play Therapy to assist in mental and physical health, ADHD, depression, and suicide prevention for youth and families.

labyrinth-297x300.png• Visit the Healing Story Alliance Website

• Visit the Joseph Campbell Foundation Website

Use Storytime Yoga stories, yoga and materials in your therapy sessions with children and adolescents.

 If you are interested in helping children and adolescents as well as their families, including those of veterans and those affected by war, please join Kintla Yoga and me in Facebook Group page of Healing Trauma Through Yoga.

BsAsYogaParaNinos kids yoga Argentina

Sydney teaching Storytime Yoga for Kids in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2010.

• Storytime Yoga for Kids is also overjoyed to donate materials to Linkages to Learning at Highland Elementary School and Kensington Wheaton Youth Services, a program of the Mental Health Association County for their after school club. Located in Silver Spring, Maryland, KWYS’ mission is to improve the well-being of children and their families through the collaborative delivery of school-based services that address the social, economic, health and emotional issues that interfere with the academic success of a child. The programs provides services at school sites to “at risk” children and families to improve performance in school, at home and in the community through mental health and social services.

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