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Storytime Yoga's teacher certification since 2006 has required a yoga community service project. See some of the wonderful work that Certified Storytime Yoga® Teachers are doing to reach youth and families worldwide. Visit the Community Service Project Category in the Library and get inspired to share your passion with your own community in seva, selfless service.

• Yoga Ecolegio in Northern Chile by Giusepe Vitale

• Teaching Storytime Yoga® in Japan by Andrew Wetzel

• Storytime Yoga® for Kids in Bangladesh - by Tasmiah Shephard

The Feile Eile Fun Day Storytime Yoga® for Kids in Ireland by Denise Sheridan Storytime Yoga® for Kids in Killaloe County Clare, Ireland Children’s Community Féile Eile Free Fun Day by Denise Sheridan

• Family Yoga: Creating a Better Community Starts at Home by Michelle Bergin Pallante

• Dad-Child Yoga in Mumbai, India by Hetal Mody 

• Thea Nicholas in Des Moines, Iowa Teaches Yoga Philosophy to Kids

Thea Nicholas is a Certified Storytime Yoga® for Kids Teacher in Des Moines, Iowa

• The Queen of Bohemia's Community Service Project is Giving Charitable Children's Yoga Classes the world over! Please donate today!

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