Chat About Kids Yoga and Story in the Library with Kathe Hudson

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Stopping at the Lafayette, Louisiana Public Library where Master Certified Storytime Yoga Teacher Kathe Hudson teaches kids yoga and story classes for the public.

I'm delighted that I got to meet longtime Master Certified Storytime Yoga® Teacher and Librarian Kathe Hudson in Lafayette, Louisiana where she teaches yoga and story programs at the public library where she works. Her bright charm and talent I know have brought the love of books, stories and the healing and healthy power of yoga to countless youth, families and adults.

On our recent road trip to Texas for my father-in-law's funeral, it was a quick stop off the I-1o to meet her! We chatted a bit! Her sister, Melanie, also is a librarian and has taught yoga and story classes. Sadly we didn't get to meet her. Next time!

Enjoy learning about kids yoga and story in the library!

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