Chants and Poetry are Great Yoga for Grown-ups Too!

Peace for the Children CD Storytime Yoga Sydney Solis

Peace, for the Children kids yoga story, dance and mantra music is perfect for wellness programing as it creates peace inside for world peace outside!

I perform a lot in libraries and festivals and many times the audience are older people. They are not as interested in moving their bodies or interacting along with the story, chant or poem I have.

Usually the poems I read are the grown up kind from my Mythic Yoga practice in expressive creative writing for healing and art. But occasionally I like to play the trickster and get grown ups out of their comfort zone.

I had a request to do some chants and poems at the National Poetry Month Festival in Ormond Beach like I did at a recent Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration at the Daytona Beach Library in January. I used the music from my new kids yoga music album, Peace, for the Children, and just changed up the chorus to connect to the theme of poetry month and to be secular for a public audience.

Sydney Solis storyteller yoga teacher

Sydney telling stories at the Florida Storytelling Festival

Adults had a great time! You can easily make up a chant too for adults or kids with call and response. It just takes a little practice in educating the audience at first the words to the chant and that you need their help every time the chorus comes up. Use a story or song you love and find something repetitive you can either use to create the chant or insert a chant in between the narrative progression. Subscribe to premium content and learn how to use Poetry in Kids Yoga classes! Learn to help kids write their own nonsense poem, make yoga jumble poetry art,

Most importantly it gets people moving. People are not just heads, they have bodies attached! And for ADHD/ADD types like me or people who learn by moving and not sitting, sitting, SITTING for long periods of time, this is great! Of course people DON'T HAVE TO MOVE if they don't want to, but invariably people, young and old, at least clap, wave their hands or do something! It wakes them up on the inside, they discover that the kingdom of heaven indeed is available to the child so we might as well be kids again! Tell nonsense poetry and make up your own! Add yoga to it for the kids and adults!

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  1. Chupacabra May 7, 2016 at 1:49 am - Reply

    Yoga helps us to connect with our animal nature by bringing awareness, consciousness and a sense of unity and ease to our relationship with our body and mind. Yoga also helps us to connect with our divine aspect, allowing us to have clarity and connection and compassion in our relationship with our self and the world.

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