Love Being a Woman – Love Your Body – Love Your Self!

Teen Yoginis’ benefit from yoga and stories in the Artemis Club, an extension of Mythic Yoga.[/caption]

Tweens and Teens! Learn yoga and hear stories that help guide you through life’s challenges, cope with stress and relate to your body in a positive way!

• meditation • breath work
• myths and stories • gentle yoga asana
• relaxation • journaling • dream work

If you’re a young women aged 11-16 then Teen Yoga: The Artemis Club is a place for you to connect to your body, discover your self and harmonize with the cycles of nature as you move from girlhood to adulthood.
Revisiting ancient myths and old stories during this vital time combined with the practice of yoga guides, protects and nurtures all women in this day and age. It invites awareness, self-knowledge and self-reliance, healing and empowerment, and vibrant mental and physical health to join in a community of women confronting and coping with modern influences opposing feminine energy to bring ourselves and the world into harmony, balance and peace.

Mythic Yoga for Teens: The Hero With Your Own Face at DeBary, Florida Public Library July 9

Gaia is the Earth Goddess in Greek mythology. Connect to your body and breath to discover the super power within you! Superheroes are all the rage. They have incredible powers within them that battle evil and restore justice. Movies galore spin [...]

Yoga for Home School: Sydney Tells Greek Myths at New Smyrna Beach Library Feb. 7

Come to the New Smyrna Beach, Florida Public Library Saturday February 7 and join home school kids in hearing Greek myths from Sandcastle Storytellers of DeLand. Sydney Solis will be telling the Greek myths of Gaia, Pandora and Artemis and mixing in some [...]

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