Storytime Yoga® for Kids Photo of the Day: Healing with Yoga and Stories: Yoga Play Therapy

Storytime Yoga® at Haitian Relief at Lyons Elementary School, Lyons, Colorado 2010. Many play, occupational and psycho therapists have studied with me over the years. Stories have the power to heal. The connection between listener and teller creating relationships and [...]

Kids Yoga Stories for Yoga Therapy: Self-Confidence and Anger Management

I love working with kids in private yoga therapy practice at my home in Deland, Florida. I love getting to know the kids and creating a special relationship with them. Kids come with all sorts of issues, ranging from anxiety to anger, [...]

Prepare for Spring with Dragon Mother Awakens to Teach Kids Yoga about the Eternal Cycle

  Celebrate the Season and connect your body to the rhythm of the universe and identify with the eternal life within. During winter, we died to the world and was reborn during the solstice. By aligning our minds and bodies in harmony [...]

Raven Brings the Light – Celebrate the Season with Children, Story, Yoga and Art

"Raven Brings the Light" an Inuit story featured as the Storytime Yoga Kids Story-of-the-Month Club for December. Retold by Sydney Solis with illustrations by Andras Balogh The sacred time is upon us. The stories call us within. The Inuit story [...]

The Golden Princess: Create Original Fairy Tales to Combine with Yoga and Help Kids Cope with Stress

Early one morning my daughter came into my room complaining of a serious stomachache and “nervousness.” She said she felt like throwing up. After talking with her for a while, she revealed the feeling of pressure. Having a learning disability in [...]

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