Storytime Yoga® for Kids Photo of the Day: Healing with Yoga and Stories: Yoga Play Therapy

Storytime Yoga® at Haitian Relief at Lyons Elementary School, Lyons, Colorado 2010. Many play, occupational and psycho therapists have studied with me over the years. Stories have the power to heal. The connection between listener and teller creating relationships and [...]

My Body is My Anchor – Kids Yoga Poem & Chant for ADHD, Mindfulness & Embodied Storytelling

Sydney Solis Storytime Yoga for Kids storytellling at Lighthouse Children's Museum DeLand, 2014 Making up chants and rhymes for your kids yoga classes is easy, especially if your imagination has been tuned by hearing lots of folktales already with Storytime Yoga! [...]

Storytime Yoga in the Library: Creating Wellness Programs Librarian Cont. Ed Workshop Feb. 24

The library is a natural place for yoga and storytelling For 14 years Storytime Yoga®  has premiered kids yoga literacy and wellness programs in dozens of libraries, from Boulder to Telluride, Florida to Albuquerque. Hundreds of Storytime Yoga kids After-school programs have been [...]

Kids Yoga Stories for Yoga Therapy: Self-Confidence and Anger Management

I love working with kids in private yoga therapy practice at my home in Deland, Florida. I love getting to know the kids and creating a special relationship with them. Kids come with all sorts of issues, ranging from anxiety to anger, [...]

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