My Body is My Anchor – Kids Yoga Poem & Chant for ADHD, Mindfulness & Embodied Storytelling

Sydney Solis Storytime Yoga for Kids storytellling at Lighthouse Children's Museum DeLand, 2014 Making up chants and rhymes for your kids yoga classes is easy, especially if your imagination has been tuned by hearing lots of folktales already with Storytime Yoga! [...]

Live Storytime Yoga® for Kids Family Classes with The Queen of Bohemia in Denver

At Amelia’s Mamma’s  3442 West 32nd Ave Denver, CO The Queen of Bohemia is back in Colorado. Join her in the Little Lotus for unique storytelling family yoga classes. In each class hear a wisdom story from around the world! Learn literacy and [...]

The Sun Salutation Chant for Kids Yoga and Story

Storytime Yoga®'s Sun Salutation for kids chant has spread like wildfire across children's yoga circles. So delighted to share with you the power of chant and the word to blend with the body to educate, enchant and entertain our kids by learning through [...]

Storytime Yoga® for Kids in Killaloe County Clare, Ireland Children’s Community Féile Eile Free Fun Day

by Denise Sheridan Storytime Yoga® for Kids Teacher  Denise Sheridan My name is Denise Sheridan, mum of 3, preschool /after school owner and manager, story-maker, kindermusik educator and enthusiastic children’s yoga instructor and I have been teaching  yoga to my [...]

The Little Fir Tree – A Story for Loving Your Body

by Sydney Solis I presented this folktale with kids yoga asana from the United States at the Love Your Body Day in Reston, Virginia in 2012 This Storytime Yoga® for Kids story Includes Warm-up, Story, Relaxation and Discussion WARM – UP Let’s [...]

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