You Are Your Child’s First Teacher: Homeschool Kids with Yoga & Oral Storytelling!

You are your child's first teacher! Use stories and yoga for body-centered education yoga homeschool!  By Sydney Solis Hey, Diddle Diddle, the cat and the fiddle. The cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed to see such a [...]

Storytelling and the Oral Tradition as Yoga for Children and Teen’s Psycho-Spiritual Wellness

What a fabulous time I had at the Florida Storytelling Festival April 1-3 in Mt. Dora! Not only did I present a Storytime Yoga® Family Class for Youth and a Mythic Yoga workshop for teens and adults, I performed three times, once on [...]

Live Storytime Yoga® for Kids Family Classes with The Queen of Bohemia in Denver

At Amelia’s Mamma’s  3442 West 32nd Ave Denver, CO The Queen of Bohemia is back in Colorado. Join her in the Little Lotus for unique storytelling family yoga classes. In each class hear a wisdom story from around the world! Learn literacy and [...]

The Sun Salutation Chant for Kids Yoga and Story

Storytime Yoga®'s Sun Salutation for kids chant has spread like wildfire across children's yoga circles. So delighted to share with you the power of chant and the word to blend with the body to educate, enchant and entertain our kids by learning through [...]

Free Family Yoga Storytelling Concert & Sing-a-long Kirtan in Denver August 3

Join us for the wisdom of yoga and stories! Bring the whole family for some great yoga and stories! The Queen of Bohemia and Certified Master Storytime Yoga® Teacher Kathy Della Mia will share wisdom stories from around the world, get us [...]

Storytime Yoga® for Kids Day Training in Denver August 2

  Tap into Ancient Wisdom of the Word to Educate and Help Heal Children, Families and Your Self. Become an oral storyteller! Learn from the pioneering kids yoga teacher and storyteller Sydney Solis, RYT, founder of Storytime Yoga® and Mythic Yoga. Storytime [...]

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