Use of story and yoga for kids in education and literacy.

Ashes From Gold – Las Cenizas Por El Oro – A Folktale from Mexico for Use in Kids Yoga Classes

Mexican flying pole dancers in Puerto Vallarta, 2010 I wrote this script based on a Mexican folktale for my son's second grade Montessori School of Golden, Colorado classroom in 2006. Get kids to TELL stories in their entirety for listening [...]

Storytime Yoga® for Kids Photo of the Day: Memoirs of a Yoga Homeschool Mom

Storytime Yoga® for Kids Yoga Homeschool. My son at our house in Arvada, Colorado 2004. My son is graduating from high school this month. Frank Alejandro, 19, is graduating from Florida Virtual School, where he took online classes for the past [...]

You Are Your Child’s First Teacher: Homeschool Kids with Yoga & Oral Storytelling!

You are your child's first teacher! Use stories and yoga for body-centered education yoga homeschool!  By Sydney Solis Hey, Diddle Diddle, the cat and the fiddle. The cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed to see such a [...]

How to Use Storytime Yoga® Kids Yoga Story Kits

Watch as Sydney Solis explains the value of oral storytelling and how you can stand out from the crowd in kids yoga classes by using the Storytime Yoga® Kids Yoga Story Kits, which feature traditional Japanese Kamishibai storytelling cards and East Indian Scroll [...]

Storytime Yoga in the Library: Creating Wellness Programs Librarian Cont. Ed Workshop Feb. 24

The library is a natural place for yoga and storytelling For 14 years Storytime Yoga®  has premiered kids yoga literacy and wellness programs in dozens of libraries, from Boulder to Telluride, Florida to Albuquerque. Hundreds of Storytime Yoga kids After-school programs have been [...]

Stories and Kids Yoga for Oral and Literacy Skills

After hearing stories and moving their bodies with yoga to re-enact the story, kids draw pictures and then tell their favorite parts of the story to develop oral and literacy skills. Kids love stories! Teach kids yoga by telling kids stories [...]

Kids Yoga Stories for Yoga Therapy: Self-Confidence and Anger Management

I love working with kids in private yoga therapy practice at my home in Deland, Florida. I love getting to know the kids and creating a special relationship with them. Kids come with all sorts of issues, ranging from anxiety to anger, [...]

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