Sleepytime Yoga™ for kids by Sydney Solis. Learn the three Rs of Sleepytime Yoga™: Relax, Refresh and Renew!

Storytime Yoga for Kids and Mythic Yoga Weekend with Sydney Solis at Breathe Yoga Center, Norfolk, VA Nov. 14-15

Parents learn to educate their kids with oral storytelling and yoga in the Storytime Yoga Day Training in Colorado Spring recently. Take Your Kids Yoga Teaching to the Level of Fine Art. Become an Oral Storyteller! Train in The Storytime Yoga® Day [...]

Storytime Yoga® for Kids Day Training in Denver August 2

  Tap into Ancient Wisdom of the Word to Educate and Help Heal Children, Families and Your Self. Become an oral storyteller! Learn from the pioneering kids yoga teacher and storyteller Sydney Solis, RYT, founder of Storytime Yoga® and Mythic Yoga. Storytime [...]

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