My Aunt is a Hurricane – Explaining Manic-Depressive Illness to A 10-Year-Old Girl

Today is my late little sister Jean E.R. Straub's birthday. I am publishing her graphic novel she made for her Master's in Library Science portfolio at Emporia State University. My Aunt is a Hurricane - Explaining Manic-Depressive Illness to A 10-Year-Old Girl I found at my father's house in Boulder, Colorado several years after her suicide in 2011.

In light of the terrible school shooting in Parkland, Florida last week, I hope this video I made of Jean's work will spark discussion of mental health and mental illness in and for youth and their families.

Being here in Florida on home leave from Japan at the time of the shooting, it is a terrible time, as I have been afraid to send my daughter to Deland, Florida high school where she is a junior, where she says she and her friends know a number of people who just might be the type to shoot up the school. Mental health is crucial at this time. It's time to have discussions about it and what we can do to help others and ourselves, children and families, and the world.

I feel such compassion for the victims, for the shooter, for all beings who suffer. I have witnessed my whole life my sister's crippling depression as well as her genius that went with it. As a survivor of depression, I hope that my little video here is of service to help children and famlies cope with mental illness and find tools of yoga and story to not just survive, but thrive.

Please share. May there be peace in your heart and peace on earth! Let's do it! Peace, for the children!


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