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Sydney Solis

The Queen of Bohemia, Sydney Solis of Storytime Yoga and the Mythic Yoga Studio.

Sydney's Story

Sydney Solis is the original and pioneering creative force behind the surge combining storytelling, mythology and yoga with Storytime Yoga® and Mythic Yoga.

Since 2000, Sydney Solis has been spreading the joy and wisdom of kids yoga and story with classes, performances, trainings and workshops internationally. (View a complete list of her past performances here.) From her children's show on PBS to The National Association for the Education of Young Children to Kids Yoga Camps at Kripalu, Sydney enchants audiences of all ages with Storytime Yoga®, Sleepytime Yoga™ and Mythic Yoga.

As a little girl growing up in Boulder, Colorado Sydney frequently perused her father’s huge collection of books on yoga, myths, stories and religions of all cultures.

At age 12 she started meditating and joined Astara and in high school joined The Self-Realization Fellowship. When Sydney entered the eighth grade, her sister, Nancy (Narada), became a Hare Krsna devotee. Sydney learned the myths, stories and philosophies of India.

She studied psychology, theater and dance at the University of Colorado, Boulder and did work study with the Nancy Spanier Dance Theatre. She studied photography at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California and worked for three years at the Boulder-based photography studio The Photo Works for three years before earning her B.A. in Journalism and Spanish from Metropolitan State College of Denver, where she was editor-in-chief of the student newspaper, The Metropolitan. She worked in the United States, Mexico and Ecuador as a reporter and award-winning photographer.  She was a religion and business reporter for the Bakersfield Californian, covering Northern Kern County and Delano, birthplace of the Cesar Chavez grape strike.  She also worked at Digital Video Magazine in San Francisco, the Boulder Daily CameraThe News English language newspaper and Notimex Government News Agency in Mexico City.   She taught adult literacy and volunteered with the Kern County, California Health Department. Sydney has worked as an English as a Second Language tutor in Jefferson County, Colorado public elementary and high schools and worked in her children's Montessori School of Golden, Colorado classrooms for seven years.

It was after settling down with married life and raising two children that she discovered her love of storytelling in 2000. She spent three years as a Spellbinder, volunteering to tell stories to public school children. After her husband's suicide in 2003, she became a professional storyteller and yoga teacher. She studied storytelling with Laura SimmsRebecca ArmstrongSusan Marie-Frontczak and Kate Lutz.

She began practicing hatha yoga in 1993 after a hit-and-run car injury. Sydney has more than 375 hours of training in the Anusara yoga tradition. She completed a 200-hour Anusara training with her teacher Bhakti and Level I teacher training with Anusara founder John Friend. She studied advanced yoga therapy with senior Anusara teachers Jeanie Manchester and Anthony Bogart, Ashtanga yoga with Richard Freeman, and Yoga Nidra with SreeDevi Bringi at Naropa University. She also studied meditation at the Boulder Shambhala Center. She is a also a level 3 Reiki Practitioner, trained by Unity Minister Olivia Christel and studied pranayama with legendary yogi and Kripalu founder Amrit Desai. If she ever got around to turning in the paperwork, she would have something like a Yoga Alliance 500-level standing or more, but she's just not into that kind of busy-ness. She's rather be telling stories and teaching yoga to kids in the garden.

She started the first ever online kids yoga training program in 2006 and proudly has been self-publishing since the fourth grade at Douglas Elementary School in Boulder, Colorado and self-publishes her books through The Mythic Yoga Studio, LLC in Boulder, Colorado. She is the author of numerous books and albums, including:

  • The storytelling CD The Golden Cucumber: Stories of Indonesia, 2003, Talking Dragonfly Productions
  • Chili Today, Hot Tamale and other Tummy Tales, 2004, Jems Press
  • Storytime Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children Through Story, 2006 - Nominated for the Anne Izard Storyteller's Choice Award
  • The Treasure in Your Heart: Yoga and Stories for Peaceful Children, 2008
  • Yoga Con Cuentos: Como Enseñar yoga a los niños mediante el uso de Cuentos (2010)
  • The children's yoga DVD The Peddler's Dream, 2007 - Winner of the Parents Choice Foundation Recommended Award and seen on PBS in 2007

Sydney is a member of the National Storytelling Network's Healing Story Alliance and is an associate of the Joseph Campbell Foundation. She was the Colorado Roundtables leader for three years and its Spanish-language forum moderator. She also produced four World Peace Interfaith Storytelling Gatherings at the Boulder Public Library and organized bringing Gerald McDermott for a Myth in Education program at the library that included a myth in art award for youth.

Sydney is also an award-winning professional poet, and creates photographic art  as part of a personal mythology series After living in Boulder, Colorado for most of her life, in 2010 she put her blossoming career in Storytime Yoga and Mythic Yoga on hold to indulge in her beloved motherhood and home arts and raise her young children. She followed her bliss and lived abroad on a personal mythic journey for three years in Buenos Aires and St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.

By following her bliss and living her Mythic Yoga work by living her myth, she settled in DeLand, Florida for four years, living next door to the couple who did the video and audio for the PBS Bill Moyer's special on Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth and helped found the DeLand, Florida Joseph Campbell Foundation Roundtable Meeting there. She then met her husband, Steve, and now lives in Osaka, Japan.

You can't make this stuff up.... Mythic Yoga is powerful.....She is very glad that she followed her bliss, because as in fairy tales, she got what she wanted, just not the way she expected it.

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