A Lifeboat and a Compass: Yoga, Story and Mantra for Kids as Meditation for Peace

Peace for the Children CD Storytime Yoga Sydney SolisThe new Storytime Yoga® Kids Yoga Story Dance and Mantra Music albumPeace, for the Children out! These songs and chants integrate folklore and yoga tools to help us connect with our innate sense of peace and joy. 

That radiant peace and joy of being alive connects us to all things beautiful and everyone around us. The plagues of hatred and racism, guns and terrorism, stressful work and commutes through an economic concrete jungle obstruct this peace and joy by alienating us from nature and each other.

They take their toll on our mental and physical health, as well as on our families and kids. It’s not easy to stay positive with such rampant negative forces. How do we cope with such a world and its challenges yet regain and remain in our true states of peace and joy? How do we teach our children?
The answer is that we become skillful pilots navigating life’s tempestuous storms by using yoga practice as a lifeboat and hearing and telling stories as a compass. The songs on Storytime Yoga for Kids Peace, for the Children  help by developing the attention to listen deeply. The deep listening synchs the mind and body. It's then accompanied by the relaxation of moving to yoga or dance that bring our minds into accord with our bodies. This then brings us in accord with our environment rather than in conflict with it and others. They're tools to help us keep our cool.

Storytime Yoga for Kids Music and mantraMantra is replete in my new kids yoga music album. Everything from Shanti Om to Ganesha Mantra, as well as secular versions of songs.  Chanting mantra and practicing the skills of yoga bring the practice of peace into everyday life. It focuses the mind on creative and positive responses and solutions rather than negative and destructive ones of violence. We become the peace we wish to see in the world. The peace we wish, for our children.

Using the tools of meditation, breathing and awareness yoga helps calm our minds and children's in every day situations.  Mantra is good to protect the mind from negativity. One of the songs on my album is called Love and Peace and Happiness. It uses the mantra of the words love and peace and happiness over and over along with a phrase of Om Namah Shivaya.

Storytime Yoga for Kids Walking Meditation in the Garden

Storytime Yoga for Kids Walking Meditation in the Garden

Yoga and meditation on mantra helps us become aware of rather than react to situations. The practice focuses the mind on positive words and creates a grounding and clarity where we can move from. We can respond in a peaceful way rather than reacting violently to life's situations.  I used this song of Love and Peace and Happiness  recently in real life to diffuse a stressful situation peacefully. Read about it here in my new Hype Orlando Blog, The Urban Yogini.  I hope it spread a little peace love and happiness in the world and as an example of how to cope with unexpected stresses that appear sometimes.

This is the basis of meditation and how mantra are lifeboats to guide us to an end of conflict and the beginning of peace. Yoga and stories give us tools in conflict management and self control. Meditation helps diffuse the situation, and with awareness modify the behavior. One can distance oneself from what's going on, observe and step away. We can learn from stories what happens to people who make poor choices. We can teach kids to lose the need to be right and find peaceful, mature and workable solutions that don't name call or attack but use reason and personal responsibility for one's actions, or karma.

Storytime Yoga kids yoga music mantra story dance

Listen to mantra music and open your heart!

It's a practice to really let things go, especially the violent communication, abuse and anger, and opt for love and peace and happiness instead. We can teach our children! Find lots of stories to tell kids to help them cope with anger, fear, worry and more in Storytime Yoga's The Treasure in Your Heart, Yoga and Stories for Peaceful Children.

You too can chant love and peace and happiness all through the world. Love and Peace and Happiness. It’s a catchy tune. Try it out, and next time you feel upset, just notice that upsetting thought and replace it with breathe and love and peace and happiness.

May there be peace in your heart and peace on earth.



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