• At home training part 3

At-Home Training Part 3: Mythic Yoga


Yoga for the teacher to explore the mythic dimension of your being and body. What is your myth? What is the story in your body? Tell it with yoga, world mythology, the chakras and storytelling/memoir.

Product Description

Mythic Yoga: Myth, The Body and Personal Story with Sydney Solis, Master Storyteller and Teacher of Yoga.

Explore mythology, yoga,  yoga philosophy, personal story and your body through ancient Hindu and world mythology, ritual, memoir writing, the chakras, meditation and relaxation to transform your life. Rediscover how to connect in the depths with your feeling and intuitive functions of the psyche, the cosmos and how participate consciously in your environment, rather than merely consuming it.

Suitable for teens and adults. Participate from anywhere in the world via the Internet as the e-books, MP3, and video file are fully downloadable!

In this e-book package you will receive:

  • 4 Mythic Yoga Lessons with assignments and suggested activities (PDFs)
  • Mythic Yoga audio lecture (MP3)
  • 2 e-books: “Vishnu’s Dream: Ancient Hindu Myths and Personal Story” and Sydney’s memoir “Outside the Concentration Camp”
  • Video download of “Stories of Faith, Healing, and Transformation” of live performance of Sydney performing world folklore. (.mov file)

Purchase additional Mythic Yoga and Dream Work Recorded Class Package

Visit the Mythic Yoga website for more articles on mythology and yoga. Visit the Mythic Yoga library page on the Storytime Yoga website.

Purchase additional coaching with Sydney Solis at her DeLand Studio or via Skype.

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