Doorways to the Soul, by Elisa Pearmain

Honoring the Light of the Child: Activities to Nurture Peaceful Living Skills in Young Children by Sonnie McFarland

Peace in Every Step, by Thich Nhat Hanh

Stories to Nourish the Hearts of Out Children In a Time of Crisis, by Laura Simms

Peace Tales – World Folktales to Talk About, by Margaret Read MacDonald

Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope: Stories of Peace, Justice and the Environment, by Jay Goldspinner, et al.

Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope: Stories, Storytelling, and Activities for Peace, Justice and the Environment, by Ed Brody (Editor), et al.

The Soul’s Almanac, by Aaron Zerah


"Why the Sky is Far Away – A Nigerian Folktale," by Mary Joan Gerson – Respect for nature, not wasting

"The Buffalo Dance – A Blackfoot Legend," retold by Nancy Van Laan – Respect for nature, reconciling guilt

"Once There Was a Mouse," by Marcia Brown – Pride, gratitude

"The Beggar’s Magic," by Margaret and Raymond Chang – Giving and greedlessness

"The Empty Pot," by Demi – Truth, honesty, self-trust

Aesops Fables

Stories from the Panchatantra – by Shivkumar

Wisdom Stories from Around the World, by Heather Forrest

One Hand Clapping – Zen Stories for all ages, by Rafe Martin

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