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Storytime Yoga
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Fall 2006
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"Be humble for you are made of earth.
Be noble for you are made of stars."
------Serbian Proverb

Greetings and Namaste!

Welcome to Fall. And welcome to The Lotus devoted to teaching children and families the joy, peace and health of yoga and storytelling. I hope you share with children the methods and stories in this issue of Storytime Yoga and delight in doing them together.

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The latest Joseph Campbell Foundation Colorado Roundtable events, including:

  • A Chaco Canyon camping trip Oct. 7-9
  • The Third World Peace Interfaith Storytelling Gathering at the Boulder Public Library Nov. 18
  • Nov. 4, Sukhavati video at Sydney's house
  • Myth in Education event featuring JCF associate and Caldecott winning artist and illustrator Gerald McDermott at the Boulder Public Library January 27, 2007


The Joseph Campbell Foundation promotes, preserves and protects the work of the late mythologist Joseph Campbell. JCF Roundtable Colorado meets periodically to discuss mythology and other topics of interest. Meetings are free and open to the public.

Roundtable meetings are usually held at the Boulder Public Library and throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. For more information, call Roundtable leader and Coordinator Sydney Solis at 303-456-6311 or email SydSol@MythicYoga.com. Visit the website at MythicRoundtables.com/Colorado and join in on the Mythic Journey.

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