ART PROJECT -- New Year’s Mandala

Imagining the New Year ahead. Ask children to close their eyes for a minute and think about things they’d like to become or do for themselves or others in the coming year.
Have them spend time really creating it in their mind with as much detail as possible. Such as go to Disneyland, help my mother more with the dishes, create a piece of artwork for Aunt Mildred.

Have them think about their personality as well. Then have them make a list of descriptions and positive attributes about themselves, such as: smart, funny, good at trombone, kind to hamsters, like to read, draw, tell stories and practice yoga! Have children also think of their shadow, or negative side, things they don’t like about themselves or things they don’t like in general. Like war, lies and treason.

Then, create a New Year’s Mandala Collage. Get kids to look through old magazines, discarded books, etc and find images that call to them. Have them include images that represent the positive descriptions and attributes and desires, and also include a part of the collage of negative attributes. Cut out a big circle from poster board. Starting from the center. Have children paste image in the circle, moving outward. Alternately, children can paste an image at the center, and then move to the outer ring. From there, fill in with images moving toward the center. Get them to tear the edges of the images, use colored markers, glitter, stickers, and to overlap images in anyway they want and feel.
Have children present their collage and talk about each picture, or tell stories that may come up from talking about the image or part of their personality. They may talk about other members of their family or community.

Ask them to express how they felt creating the mandala.

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