By Sydney Solis

Our bodies are biological vehicles. You wouldn’t drive your car out of alignment, because it will cause the car to break down. So we must keep our bodies, hearts and minds in alignment to ensure a long-term, pain-free body. And since we live in an age where medical insurance prices are sky-high, stress, mental health and drug problems and heart disease, cancer and obesity are epidemic in the United States, it is clear that preventative health care is essential. Yoga and meditation are excellent ways to prevent disease of aid in treating any disease or problem you have now experiencing.

I started practicing yoga after receiving whiplash and a herniated disk from a hit-and-run car accident 13 years ago. A regular practice of yoga has helped my spine, shoulders and neck stay pain-free ever since. As I continued my practice of yoga in the Anusara tradition, I discovered that much of my body was woefully out of alignment. I had hip pain, and discovered that I never walked with or pushed off with my big toes. A simple alignment such as the toes can domino throughout the rest of the body and show up as pain later elsewhere. As we reach middle age, as I am, I tell you the mis-alignments start to show up. I have lots of friends with back pain or need hip and back surgery. Doing the universal principals of alignment Anusara teaches with yoga asana for my hips and learning how to walk again, the pain disappeared with a daily practice.

Yoga and meditation also inherently helps us feel better all around emotionally, physically and spiritually, and inspires us to take care of ourselves through proper diet and nutrition. This attention to the body and its function leads to disease prevention, weight loss and maintenance.

As a storyteller, I also encourage people to also tell their story and work with it in their practice. I call it Mythic Yoga. There are stories emotionally imprinted in the body, and when we start to heal ourselves in the affected part of the body, memories and emotions come up. When we share personal stories with another, there is a witnessing, honoring, appreciation, and forgiveness process to help us heal.

When my shoulders were being worked on by senior Anusara teacher Anthony Bogart, I told him how I couldn’t identify in the police photos the perpetrator of my accident. I was so hard on myself for making that mistake. He said I did the best I could, and that all healing ultimately comes from forgiveness. I was able to forgive myself to complete the healing.

If you have a physical or emotional health problem, therapeutic yoga may be able to help you, too. My friend Dennis Tenney and I are now offering the Yoga Clinic at Green Mountain Yoga in Arvada on Mondays at 1 p.m – 2:30 p.m.. to help you discover the power inside yourself to heal through yoga.

Whether it is depression, stress and anxiety; scoliosis or back pain, Dennis and I are committed to helping you feel better with the power of yoga, breath work, restoration and meditation and establishing a life-long habit of health and vitality.

I am also available for private therapeutic yoga sessions for an intro rate of $45 and $60 thereafter.

Mythic Yoga sessions are $75.

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