storytime yoga sydney solis My Body is An Anchor chant

Sydney Solis Storytime Yoga for Kids storytellling at Lighthouse Children's Museum DeLand, 2014

Making up chants and rhymes for your kids yoga classes is easy, especially if your imagination has been tuned by hearing lots of folktales already with Storytime Yoga!

Try this little chant/poem with kids, or make up your own, to connect the mind to the body and the body to the environment. Great for kids with ADHD, ADD and more.


by Sydney Solis

My body is my anchor
It makes me feel so safe
But my mind is like a blue bird
Soaring into space

I tie my little blue bird
To a big, green toad
With breath we walk together
Down a mindful, peaceful road

Working with the chant

Storytime Yoga garudasana• Tell the poem/chant straight through once. Then tell it a second time and invited kids to join you by introducing movement.

• I like to lead kids in focusing on breath, then bringing mind to the feet.

• Then guide kids to simply sway the body and arms side to side and connect the movement with breath while feet are planted on the ground. Also breath in arms up to the chant and breath down, arms down.

• Add action of hand/arm movements of tying bird up high and inhale up (try getting up on the tippy-toes!) with tying down to sacrum, belly area, exhale down.

• Add yoga asana, such as bird poses, like Eagle Pose, garudasana, or Frog pose, bhekasana or anything you want! Ask the kids which pose to do! Add flying, leaping, movement!

• After a few classes of teaching this, ask kids to lead the chant.

• Teach kids walking meditation and tell the chant out loud while walking.