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Introducing Sleepytime Yoga™ for Kids – Stories from India Sept. 4, 2 pm online at Powhow!

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In this day and age relaxation and stress release is in my book the most important aspect of yoga for kids. How to bring back the glorious siesta to our modern culture and mix it with yoga for kids and the family? The answer is Sleepytime Yoga™ for Kids with the Queen of Bohemia online!

Kids and parents can do family yoga from wherever they are in the world and settle in for a nap or get ready for bed. Yoga homeschoolers can take a refreshing nap in between studies. Preschool and elementary classes can tune in too!

The Queen of Bohemia’s soothing voice will take listeners on a journey to India in this class, Sleepytime Yoga™ for Kids Stories from India Wednesday, Nov. 4 at 2 pm EST on Powhow. All you need is high speed internet and an optional webcam. It’s about listening after all you know! And as a back to school special, class is only $5!

Listening to stories is a fantastic way for kids to not only focus their attention, but to also relax as their minds enter into a semi-hypnotic state in which the mind rests. That once upon a time and far, far away pitches kids out of the ordinary world and into sacred eternal time that suspends time and space. That’s the yoga!

Mental health is important for our kids, families and ourselves, and relaxation, yoga meditation and hearing stories are a great way to take care. The Queen of Bohemia guides kids and parents in gentle yoga, breath awareness and modified yoga nidra for kids to prepare for the session. ADHD kids will find the session especially beneficial, as ADHD has a comorbidity rate with anxiety. By relaxing the body and mind through breathing, children are grounded, the nervous system is relaxed, and focus is increased by the heightened awareness on the body and present moment. Mental health is important for our kids, families and ourselves, and relaxation, yoga meditation and hearing stories are a great way to take care.

Listening also is good for kids to develop attention and form pictures in their heads, important for literacy. The oral tradition is primary in getting kids ready to read, as it is body-centered and active rather than passive, engaging kids’ imagination and ability to master symbolic language needed for reading, writing, math, computers, music and more! Follow up activities are also introduced to help families put relaxation and yoga, and literacy and storytelling in the home.

The folktales selected from India are teaching tales, allowing listeners to identify with protagonists and their adventures in which they can project their own experiences as well to file away for references when life’s circumstances call for making choices. How does one live in the world? How do I know what choices to make? How should I act? These questions are answered through stories!


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Read about more folklore from India so you can tell stories and teach yoga in your own home!



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