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Free Class! Birthday Bash! Storytime™ Yoga for Kids April 26!


Klimt Tree of Gold kids yoga

Learn tree pose, vrksasana, and relax to stories with Sleepytime™ Yoga!

• Special Free class Celebrating Trees and The Mythic Yoga Studio and Storytime™ Yoga’s 10th Anniversary!

Tree Stories!

Friday, April 26 at 2 pm EDT at the Mythic Yoga Studio on!

Celebrate Earth Day, Arbor Day and Storytime™ Yoga’s birthday with a special Sleepytime™ Yoga class! Kick back, relax and journey with the Queen of Bohemia as she guides you in gentle movement, breathing and meditation. Practice tree pose and hear tree stories from around the world for a Story Siesta before you return to the world refreshed and renewed!


Tree pose, vrksasana. Illustration by András Balogh for the Mythic Yoga Studio.

It’s kids yoga for relaxation, meditation and just listening to stories! Plus, learn tree pose, vrksasana!

Check out more tree stories and yoga!

Get Sydney Solis’s e-book Tree of Gold: Tree Stories and Yoga for Kids FREE when you become a member of the League of Yogic Storytellers!

Myths of the Sacred Tree by Moyra Caldicott

A Forest of Stories: Magical Tree tales from Around the World by Rina Singh

The Tree of Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar

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  • Manish Pole

    April 29, 2013, 8:06 pm

    We (Total Yoga) conduct Kids’ Yoga classes wherein we incorporate stories from Panchatantra (it’ san Indian collection of Animal / Jungle stories – much like Aesop’s fables). The kids’ adore them. Any other suggestions for stories?

  • Best Yoga Teacher Training India

    June 19, 2013, 10:41 pm

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  • Meghana

    June 21, 2013, 4:36 pm

    It was very interesting to go through your website I thought I should personally invite you for an event which is happening on Facebook on 23rd June 2013 with Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji at 7:30pm.
    You can communicate with him, Ask him questions?, Know divine secrets …share your knowledge and understandings…..lets make it a platform of knowledge from where masses can benefit.

  • Sydney Solis

    June 25, 2013, 11:54 am

    Good day to all! I am so glad that you find this site useful. It is my highest joy to serve children and spread the beauty and healing of yoga and stories to children and families. Yes, Aesop got his stories from the Panchatantra for sure! I do love the short wisdom stories that children can grasp. On my website under the bookstore you will find a listing of many books I recommend for storytelling. I am adding to the list all the time and will add more in the future! Best wishes. Namaste and Have a Magical Day! SYDNEY SOLIS


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