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by Sydney Solis Yoga mats. They are indispensable for practicing, at least in the West. I often wonder if Sadus in India ever use any. I hear that in Cuba people don’t even have yoga mats but use flattened cardboard boxes instead. My own yoga mats have quite a history. The first yoga mat I [...]

One of my greatest joys of doing what I do is hearing about the fabulous things people are doing with kids yoga and storytelling. I feel very blessed to be able to be a full-time mom and Householder Yogini and part-time employee of the Mythic Yoga Studio! Check out the latest blog posts and more [...]

Storytime Yoga® for Kids Yoga Story Kit for Valentine's Day

Read all about it! I'm pleased to announce that I will be doing monthly Storytime Yoga® for Kids classes at the new Light House Children's Museum in historic downtown DeLand, Florida! First class is yoga for the whole family to enjoy LOVE with the Most Beautiful Heart, a folktale from the United States. Get your [...]

Storytime Yoga® for Kids

  Oral is primary! Get started educating your child with oral storytelling and yoga - from wherever you are in the world! Take the Online Parent Mini-Training in Storytime Yoga® for Kids with Sydney Solis Saturday, April 12 p.m. EST on at the Mythic Yoga Studio. Learn the basics of becoming an oral storyteller [...]

Mythic Yoga: The Heroine’s Journey - Modern Feminist Mythological Guidance for Life

Well, It's a new year and what can I say, I write! I am not into running around for business. I'm into raising my children, being a householder yogini, writing letters to the local newspaper and practicing yoga. Here is what I've been up to, besides all that! Inanna: Queen of Heaven and Earth The [...]

Storytime Yoga® for Kids Rose Mandala for Christmas

    Happy New Year! I wrote this blog on  Three Kings Day , January 6. This date always brings me the gifts of the past season. When one goes within during the month of December, starting after the Feast of Thanksgiving and prepares for the winter solstice by observing Advent or some other guiding ritual, [...]

rose by Sydney Solis

Joy to the World – Seva

Psychologist Erich Fromm has a wonderful book called "To Have or To Be." Its essential question is, who are you without what you have? In today's consumer society, consumption covers up feelings of anxiety and alienation. Fame and status give people a false sense of self. But what if you have none of that? What if you [...]

Householder Yoga

by Sydney Solis Being a Householder Yogini provides ample opportunity to practice yoga without hanging out for hours in a large kula or cave! Here are my favorite opportunities to practice mindfulness and yoga while taking care of a household and family. 1)  Cooking – Focusing your mind on your breath and body with awareness [...]

I have posted on the Storytime Yoga® for Kids website about the Colorado Flooding and How you can help me help my hometown of Boulder,  Colorado !   OM SHANTI - SERVICE IS JOY.    

The Mythic Yoga Studio LLC is pleased to announce the release of Storytime Yoga® for Kids with the Queen of Bohemia new kids yoga music just in time for Fall, Halloween and Day of the Dead, el Dia de los Muertos! The Skeletons' Ball is a folktale from Latin America translated and retold by Sydney [...]

In this day and age relaxation and stress release is in my book the most important aspect of yoga for kids. How to bring back the glorious siesta to our modern culture and mix it with yoga for kids and the family? The answer is Sleepytime Yoga™ for Kids with the Queen of Bohemia online! [...]

Namaste! It's a fabulous day! The Householder Yogini blog has been named #2 top Yoga Blog in the World by The Daily Meditation Website! I am sure honored and humbled and I guess I'd better get blogging some more! As a full-time mother and Householder Yogini and part-time entrepreneur, the Householder Yogini has served as a [...]

It's been a terrific summer so far. I made the move from St. Croix, USVI to DeLand, Florida after my three years of voluntary exhile to heal and finish raising my kids! It was the Mythic Return! Now I am back to work with The Mythic Yoga Studio and Storytime Yoga® for Kids! Check the [...]

  • Special Free class Celebrating Trees and The Mythic Yoga Studio and Storytime™ Yoga’s 10th Anniversary! Tree Stories! Friday, April 26 at 2 pm EDT at the Mythic Yoga Studio on! Celebrate Earth Day, Arbor Day and Storytime™ Yoga's birthday with a special Sleepytime™ Yoga class! Kick back, relax and journey with the [...]

The Queen of Bohemia is jazzed to announce that Storytime™ Yoga for Kids is mentioned in the May 2013 issue of Yoga Journal magazine featuring kids yoga home school resources! I was interviewed because of my time in Buenos Aires home schooling my kids with yoga in 2010 and wrote a bunch of blogs on [...]

Recreate yourself for Spring! The rebirth of spring out of death is in YOU! Participate in spring and teach kids to recognize the life/death/rebirth cycle in them in your next kids yoga class with the Storytime Yoga Kids Club Yoga Story Kit Dragon Mother Awakens now available on Amazon Kindle. Get a story and illustration [...]

Live, Online Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings with Sydney Solis at the Mythic Yoga Studio   Read about the Benefits of Educating Your Child with Story and Yoga and then train with Sydney! Join kids yoga pioneer Sydney Solis in online kids yoga teacher training with this series of 4, 1-hour workshops introducing the Storytime Yoga [...]

It's amazing the technology that is out there and I found it to be amazingly perfect for Storytime Yoga! Although I have been doing e-courses and trainings online for over six years and teaching kids yoga for 10 years, I am overjoyed at the response for the live, online webcam classes and workshops that I [...]

  Celebrate the Season and connect your body to the rhythm of the universe and identify with the eternal life within. During winter, we died to the world and was reborn during the solstice. By aligning our minds and bodies in harmony with the universe and sacrificing ourselves, we received the gifts during Three Kings [...]

Announcing! Parents and Kids! Come Sit in the Little Lotus with The Queen of Bohemia! Learn and Play the Storytime Yoga Way at the Mythic Yoga Studio! Live Storytime Yoga for Kids online web cam classes on Powhow start Feb. 21 with Kids Yoga Pioneer Sydney Solis! Convenient, interactive weekly early-childhood education classes from the [...]